Sunday, September 28, 2014

J.C. Country

J.C. Country

“Roll’n Jack"

With the opening lines of this country/folk song you immediately feel like you are rolling down the road
with J.C. This is one of those songs that just speaks honestly from the heart. The swagger of the guitar as it shuffles makes you feel like you have the window down and the wind in your hair. The playing is simple but tasteful and does well to convey the message. Vocals are sung spot on and wind down the road through memories past. This is one of those songs that would to well on a road trip first thing in the morning. Seeing the golden sun rise on the horizon this track rises as well lifting spirits and hopes for a better day on the road. If you are a fan of Country or Folk I highly recommend this track from J.C. Country. With “Roll’n Jack” you find yourself cruising with a smile on your face.

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