Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sounds From Wednesday

Sounds From Wednesday

“Two Trees” - This song makes me feel like I have been propelled back to the sounds of the 70’s when classic rock was made and it was classic. SFW does a great job at creating a song with texture. Every layer in this band has its place and is heard well. I really like the blend of elements on this song. Acoustic guitars stand up front and drive the song. Distorted electric guitars do well to lay a nice bed of harmonics for the vocals to dance upon. Drum work does well to propel this song along it adds just the right amount of spice and attitude. The bass guitar adds a wonderful element of groove and complements the guitar work really well keeping the bounce vibe of the song. The vocal work is awesome. Vocals pause from time to time and let the song breath so that it can help tell the tale. If you like classic rock but are tired of listening to the same songs over and over then its time to crank some Sounds From Wednesday. 

“The D.A.” - With the opening guitar work SFW again lay down another wonderful mid-tempo rock song. This band does a great job of telling stories. Lead vocals on this tack are straight from the heart and with backing female vocals they twine together for something very special. The piano work helps set this track apart from other new classic rock tracks. This is the type of song that I like to listen to in the morning. With a cup of coffee in hand and this track cranked I can do a days work and feel like I am not, dancing through it all. The drum work is playful and tasteful, and with the guitars and key work I can almost bet that the birds are bopping and dancing outside as well. If you like great rock/pop songwriting make sure that you check out “The D.A.” by Sounds From Wednesday.

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