Sunday, September 27, 2015

Acidic, Burning to Your Core With a Solid Set of Songs

Creatures - With thick tripped out synths raging in my ears I find myself slipping down a hole into the world of Acidic. If you ever thought that the world depicted in Alice in Wonderland was a bit tame then this might be the album for you, because this is far from tame. On tracks like “Beatness” you will find yourself surrounded by the pulsing percussion and immersed in sonic enlightenment that urge the body to move. The guys show that they have more than just motives to trip you out. On “Beautiful” Acidic lay down a solid Pop-Rock cut that will make any head bounce and sway. What holds Acid together is great songwriting grounded in solid vocal performances. As harmonies soar to the stars to become stars themselves this album delivers song after song. Guitar work, wether it be gentle acoustic or raging electric lay textures that prove to be an additional dimension to the music that reveals true passion. In tracks like “Chicago” you find a grinding bass that will have all the women glistening like its summer in 90% humidity. As the opening chords of “Miles From Home” bounce off my walls I hear a true down-to-earth quality from authentic souls. You can almost feel like you are in the room with them sitting on the couch as the story unfolds. Acidic are sure to burn to the core of your brain and will have you humming their songs over and over again. As song after song click off the record I hear tasteful playing from each member. Even the drum work wether it be heavy handed pounding to light latin percussion play to the track. Never does any one facet of Acidic override the others. Each composition is well balanced, firing on all cylinders. From strait-out rockers like “My Town” and “Rad” to more experimental numbers like “Pop 2” Acidic delivers great songs covered in razor sharp hooks. I would recommend this release to those that like Pop, Rock, Alternative and even Hard Rock. Acidic have truly produced a set of creatures here that will entice the mind.

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