Sunday, September 27, 2015

Crooked Eye Tommy, Floating Like a Butterfly With the Bite of a Snake

Butterflies and Snakes: From the opening guitar whine you can almost smell the smoke in the air and half dried beer under your stomping feet. It will be as if you are transported to the coolest blues joint unknown to the tourists with you sitting front and center. Laying down true blues swagger Crooked Eye Tommy serve up a piping hot dish of sizzling guitar, grooving bass and filling drums. The vocal prowess on display has the ability weave stories from the heart through this beautiful tapestry of sound. Every element sits right in the pocket so everyone has the room to breathe and leave your ears full bliss. This release is a true smorgasbord for the ears. Wether it is the ebb and flow of sax work to the tender notes of an organ, the backing players swing with each song like a man kisses a long lost love. Front and center though is the singing strings of the guitar. Phrasing sounds as if it was literally plugged into a heart that has seen life and felt true passion. This collection has plenty of gems. The jangling swagger on “Love Divine” will make you want to dance. The humor in the harsh reality of “Mad and Disgusted” will crack smile on any face. You will find that Crooked Eye Tommy is no one trick pony. With a slight down shift they slide into a country vibe while still retaining their passionate groove. I would definitely recommend this to anyone that likes the blues, but the song composition is strong enough that I could see the lovers of rock, country and pop music enjoying this album as well. So wether you  love the beauty of a butterfly or the bite of a snake check out this release and you’ll find something that will satisfy that blues fix. 

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