Sunday, September 27, 2015

From the Balcony, Traveling With a EP That Cuts

The release, “Blank Screen & Razor Blade” has a collection of songs that will let you slide into your subconsciousness with nothing to fear. The vocal approach reminds me of a laid back folk singer. He has the right amount of soul and grind in his voice that will sooth your ears, but let you know that you are dealing with an artist on the edge. Acoustic guitar work has a snap to it that allows the notes to cut through the mix. You’ll feel like you are sitting on the edge of your seat waiting to see which way each song will turn. The electric guitar weaves a soothing melody through each song. Bending funky leads will have the curmudgeons in any smoke filled room tapping their feet. The bass lines bounce and shake like a summer skirt out on the town for the night. The drum work holds things together rather well and does well to accent the groove in each number of this set. My personal favorite is the sizzling slide of "I've Got a Pretty Woman". With a touch more grind on the lead guitar you almost envision a femme fatale spinning in her high heels to the point every man in the room is sweat soaked. If you like blues, the vibe of cool jazz or pop rock that sparks the heart I would recommend to you this “Blank Screen & Razor Blade” for it will cut deep into your soul and have you spaced out for hours. 

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