Monday, March 9, 2015

Ginger on the Rocks, Soaring Into the Night Sky With Notes of Passion

“These Walls Have Teeth” - Laying in the cool summer grass I look up and see the night sky above me. As a gentle breeze saunters across the plain the grass dances tickles my skin. Goosebumps form and I feel alone but open.  As I stare of into the stars the light of the full moon shows a friend coming to visit. I find it curious that a butterfly flies at night, but this one is beautiful indeed. Slowly she drifts down and rests upon the end of my nose and kisses my face. As her wings spread and take flight again I find myself floating after her into the sea of stars. The radiant colors on her wings come alive and swirl in reflection of the stars raining light. My skin glows as well and a warm feeling comes over me. I am no longer alone. On this acoustic demo from Ginger on the Rocks you will find yourself easily seduced by the cool notes that dance off of the guitar’s strings. Ben has the ability to craft a melody here that welcomes and engages you at the same time. You heart will have a hard time fighting off the passion in Sophie’s soft yet sweet vocals. Her down-to-earth and laid back approach allow her to sneak into your ears and heart. When her voice rolls from her lips you will feel the power to reach for the stars and that you might actually catch them. Rounding out this trio is Amber on percussion which gives the band pulse and the heart it needs to push and attack to venture father than the average acoustic package. Her playing is rather intuitive and you will hear on display a group that speaks rather well in the language of music. I would recommend this track to those that like Folk, Pop and Alternative Genres. It is most certain that “These Walls Have Teeth” for the sheer nature that the room, like you, will want to devour every last note that escapes these three. 

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