Sunday, March 22, 2015

Patrick Ballantyne, Close Your Eyes and Float Away

“Close Your Eyes” - Listening to the latest single from Patrick Ballantyne find myself transporting from one dimension to another in my mind where I playfully walk the tightrope the is the water cascading on to the beach. It’s a summer day and the sun is warm on my back and face. The wind swirls around me and I feel like I can almost float off into the horizon. As I begin to loose my balance I see a wave crashing over me out of the corner of my eye. Immersed in water I am immediately transported to a dimension where everything is now a cartoon including myself. With no fear of the water and its picturesque underwater scene I swim about. A dolphin comes and swims in a dancing fashion around me. Floating by is a family of seahorses that wink with a smile on their face. Being able to breath underwater in this land I explore and find a pallet of vibrant colors and smiling faces that encourage me to dive even deeper. With the opening drum work I feel a playful nature skidding across my speakers. Tight and in the pocket, the snap from the snare keeps the vibe up in nature, and the tight kick drum that counters will have your feet tapping if not dancing around the room. The low-end from the bass guitar bounces around the atmosphere and you feel like you can chase the notes to any destination that they blow to. Guitar work on this track swims around the mind with either a playful hop from the electric guitar or a swinging bliss from the open acoustic chords. The texture on this cut provides a retro-pop vibe, but sounds fresh as a cold soda cracking open. The singing on this song is of just pure bliss. You can almost feel the smiles around the room while this track was being cut. Patrick has created a song with an up feel without the typical, “Ooo! Aw! Yeah! Get my freak on!” that seems to permeate just about every other Pop song these days. I would recommend this track to those that like Pop, Alternative and Classic Rock genres. No doubt that with this track on you can “Close Your Eyes” and whisk away from your daily blah’s. 

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