Saturday, March 14, 2015

Steve Douthit, Not Just Another What’s His Name

“Leave Ole What’s His Name Alone” - Listening to this track I feel like I am driving down a road that I know so well. Off the beaten path and away from the steel and concrete I ride with the window down breathing the fresh air from the fields that surround. It’s a beautiful summer day and the warm morning sunshine warms my face. I see a beautiful woman walking the side of the road coming towards me. Smiling I stop and she hops in. About two miles down the road we see her ex and his broke down excuse of a truck on the side of the road with the hood up and smoke billowing out. Kicking the gravel and cussing his face shifts to an expression of awe as I ride off with his girl laughing and having fun by my side. With this cut from Steve Douthit you will find your boots tapping the floor ready to kick back and have a great time with your gal. From the opening acoustic guitar you will feel a sense of freedom and happiness that only a perfect summer day can bring. With steel guitar in toe you’ll want slide into your ride and take a trip with this song. With notes that wind and flow like a passionate heart it will be hard to hold back your romantic side. Work on the electric guitar bounces around the song and will put a hop in your step that will make you want to get off the sofa and into some action. The groove and low-end from the bass will put a shuffle into your stride and with your woman in hand you will have no trouble dancing the night away. Technique from the drum kit employs brush work that not only has the right amount of snap but also has the sassy swagger that will make your woman light up, and want to swing all night long. The guitar solo that cuts in brands a spitfire of notes that sounds like hot passion put to music and quickly lays back in the groove with the right amount of twang and pull. You can almost smell the dust kicking up in the air with this song jumping out of your speakers. Singing from the heart Steve can’t get anymore honest. Laying it all out there you know that this is a cowboy that takes care of business. Singing perfectly in the pocket you better just hope that your girl isn’t the one he is singing to. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Country, especially those that prefer a classic sound. Steve doesn’t take the time to learn “Ole What’s His Name” he’s too busy recording great tracks and running off with the girl. Your best bet is to take some time and run off with this song and crank it out your speakers for a good time. 

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