Sunday, March 29, 2015

Carron Dwan Wright, On a Journey Home Through an Epic Adventure

“Home” - From the opening notes of Carron’s latest release I find myself feeling like I am flying across the skies of a beautiful summer day. The blue sky is as pure as a mountain wind. Clouds are suspended and quickly traveling to a destination unknown. As I descend I find a beautiful forest. Lowering to the tops of the tall trees I pull back the branches, full of green leaves, like a child opening a present on its birthday. I see a stream bubbling and rolling, so clear that it looks like glass. As I float lower I see the fish swimming inside and a return glance from them that is inviting. Taking a sip of the water I feel the cool refreshing freedom that it embodies run through my soul. Inspired I whisk off flying and hovering over the stream. Following each crook and bend I fly out of the forrest and all its mystical charms to find myself showered in the sun again and warmed with its raw light and passion. With this track, “Home” Carron makes you feel just that. You feel as if you are comfortable in a home away from home. The track itself would easily fit in a movie as a whole. The production is very good. The mix of the track makes you feel as if you are flying through all of natures grandness. With elements that build like a mountain and descend like an eagle searching for prey, you are taken on a musical roller coaster ride that doesn’t disappoint but only inspires. This cut is just epic in nature and Carron refuses to let you down. Singing from passionate heart, her voice is the guide for you on this exciting journey through sound. With the cool sounds from the opening strings winding through the vocal textures, I feel an innocent child like fascination following this song. Orchestral strings and percussion textures open wide and my heart races with the vibrant passion of a young true love. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Pop, World, Classical, Jazz and Soundtrack genres. This cut would be great to listen to on Monday mornings for it would surely break through the “blahs” of heading back to the office for another work week. Similarly wether walking around the house putting away the laundry or trying to decide what to make for dinner at the grocery store, with this song in your ear any mundane task will immediately turn into an adventure. Carron beautifully sings over this epic, and you will share her passion and desire to return “Home” quickly to all that you love. 


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