Saturday, March 28, 2015

Optivion, Tripping Past the Energy of Sound

Free Unicorn - The world that Optivion creates on its journey to Free Unicorn is one that challenges the sonic senses and opens a door in your mind. I find myself as if I am suspended in neither a mass or gas. I feel like I am weightlessly drifting in an envelope of radiant pink energy held together by striations of black and dark blue veins pulsing from the heart of an alternate dimension. As I stare at my hands I watch them granulate and separate. As the grains of my once solid body dissipate they take off with the speed of light in all directions. Through each atom of my previous existence I discover worlds past, present and beyond. While disassembled I hold the cognizance of unity and experience travels and sights that only my new collective can understand. This is not the type of album that you put on, eat a ham sandwich and fold your laundry. You could, however you will find that the journey that your mind will take during such menial tasks will leave you to ponder past the fabric.  With dense soundscapes Optivion creates a variety of textures at moments will make you feel as light as a feather and on others as dense and as heavy as cold steel. With a unique mixture of live and electronic instruments the twin minds of this project manage to mix the grind of the Blues with the cold precision of Electronica that are all enveloped in the warmth of two artistic hearts. Overall the mix and mastering and artistic and of professional grade. Optivion has not only found a way to challenge but also welcome your mind through music. They welcome you into their world with open arms and take you on a tour of a land that many only dream of. I would recommend this album to those that like Avant-Grade, Electronic, Industrial and Experimental genres. Now that Optivion has gone and Free Unicorn you are left to take a ride and see where she will take you. 


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