Monday, March 2, 2015

Amerikan Bear, With the Roar of a Classic Sound

The Amerikan Bear - I stand in the desert and on the far horizon I see a storm brewing. A gentle breeze kisses my face. I blink once and suddenly I see the storm quickly approaching. I cant quite tell if I am moving fast forward or if the storm is quickly approaching me. Under the rain clouds thunder crashes and I feel gravity pull, the wrong way. On my back I start propelling upwards into the storm clouds. With no power of my own I dodge lightening as it crashes. My clothes soaked with rain I feel like I am one with the storm and feel its power surging through me. The Amerikan Bear has the power of a desert storm and takes you on a surreal experience through music that reflects sonically on the music trends of the late 60’s. While this sound is retro in nature it doesn’t sound stale or dated. It has a fresh zip to its punch and steals  the vibe when you could actually dance to rock music. The album is made quite beautifully. The guitar work cuts like a knife and with tremolo effects it shakes the groove right into the mix. The thin nature of the guitar tone lends to the mix well for it allows the bass guitar breathe exceptionally well, and so not only do you have a groove factor from the guitar, you also have a funk flavor from the low-end of the spectrum. Drum work lays right in the pocket and pulses the songs forward and are played with genre complementing feel. I would have liked the snare to crack just a touch more and the kick to have a bit more smack but the musical section of this band works its magic rather well and will make you want to drive with the top down in the rain. Vocals have the right amount of moxie and swagger that exude true sex appeal of a reckless rock n’ roll aesthetic. The only down side to the vocals is that they have a touch too much reverb applied but that also helps fit into the bands overall slant. I would recommend this band to those that like Classic Rock, Pop, Rock and Alternative Genres. While The Amerikan Bear has a classic sound it still has a mighty roar and thats what so many need in a day of Pop cutouts. 

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