Saturday, February 28, 2015

Wayward Fox, From a Thundering Heart Comes a Song That Will Pierce

Wayward Fox, From a Thundering Heart Comes a Song That Will Pierce

“All the Vultures” - Standing alone in a forest the air begins to circle around me. The leaves that fell the autumn before slide over my skin and begin to feel as if Mother Nature herself is trying to give me a warm embrace. My eyes are closed and my head hangs low but I can feel the sun rising over the horizon. As the rays of light creep through the trees and warm my skin my heart comes alive and pounds like a heard in full stride. By no explanation from human knowledge I begin to lift off the ground. “All the Vultures” opens with the pounding of toms and while some may disagree the tones and notes produced are pure magical music. Vocal chanting arrives and the tone is one that can make your goosebumps arrive. There is something truly beautiful from the sounds of percussion and the attitude in the vocals. As male vocals take flight and weave a melody of power and passion the song takes off in your imagination. With the electronic elements in this track swelling the power builds and you almost feel like the song could break through a concrete wall. Violin work lays almost another voice to this track. Metal work is rather sparse on this piece but when they come in they add pinnacle points at just the right moments. This is one of those songs that would do extremely well in an inspirational movie, like at the moment the hero realizes what he can become. I would highly recommend this track to those that like ALL GENRES. While there are no raging guitars in your face this song truly rocks. While there may be no acknowledgments to the ghetto this song has pure groove. There may be a lack of swirling electronic chirps but this cut will make you want to get on your feet and dance. Wayward Fox has spun a beautiful tale with poetry and music combined. “All the Vultures” maybe circling but this artist is far from dead. 

Michael S.
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