Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Dark Shines, Destined to Become Popular Despite the State of Pop

No Time for Regrets - Listening to this release from The Dark Shine’s I feel like I am running down a back alley downtown. As my sneakers grip the cobblestone and dig in and run as fast as I can. Looking to either side I see old buildings whose front facades for the public seem fresh and new, but in the alley behind you see the corroding broken cinder blocks. I outstretch my arms and I can feel the rough concrete buildings with my finger tips on either side. I look upwards to the sky and an overcast day presents itself to my eyes. With a breeze floating through my hair and my chest pounding with excitement, lightning flashes and thunder crashes. A downpour ensues and I continue to run. As puddles emerge in the alley I continue to run hard and stomp creating miniature tidal waves in my wake. With the state of Pop held down with the undertow of clinical, computerized synthetic music it is a band like The Dark Shines to provide a breath of fresh air and a solid dose of freedom. This is the type of band that delivers shot of Rock ’n Roll straight to your vein. While some sigh anymore at the thought of another traditional rock band The Dark Shines stand out from the rest. While they employ all the classic signatures of a great rock band their personal slant on it differentiates them from the rest of the pack.  Manu’s performance behind the drum kit rectifies like a concrete wall and while it serves as a solid backbone for this band it also adds a slant of flare and artistry that makes this band unique. In between the drum beats you have Nick on bass guitar winding his notes like a sculptor and providing groove to this release that will not only have you pumping your fists but moving your hips. While there are some minor electronic embellishments on this record it is largely a guitar rock record. Laying textures and guitar solos that will have you looking to the heavens Marce excels at taking this group around corners that are somewhat unexpected yet still pure Rock ’n Roll. Holding everything together is Ros whose vocals serve as the spirit of this band. You won’t find any typical La-De-Da singing here. Ros lays it out, straight from the soul, from behind the mic and guitar and gives The Dark Shines their signature sound so that you know who it is as soon as the music starts coming out of your speakers. I would recommend this album to those that like Rock, Hard Rock, and Alternative Rock genres. The Dark Shines clearly has No Time for Regrets and has just cranked out a record that you will want to turn up till your neighbors ears bleed. 

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