Monday, October 6, 2014

Ash Wednesday

“The Fallen” - The opening guitar chords remind me of those times when I wake up and I know that the day is just going to be epic and I’m up to no good. This song slinks across my speakers and into my ears like an evil seductress. Ash Wednesday is the greasy kind of rock n roll that was made famous by the likes of the Rolling Stones only with more attitude. The guitars have that middle finger in your face grind with solos that don’t need a million notes a minute. Instead they favor for groove and feel and the guitar leads become another voice for the band. The bass guitar is well defined and lays down a solid groove factor for the band. Drums, done perfect for this band. Fills aid the peaks and valleys of this song and drive it into reckless abandon. Vocals are dripping with attitude and heart. Randolph Robinson can’t help from pushing it as hard as he can. If you are the type of person that likes pretty little safe Pop songs then Ash Wednesday is NOT for you. This band has a real crossover appeal. If you like rock/hard rock/classic rock/alt rock/punk/grunge/garage rock this is the band for you. They have the attitude and the skill to deliver solid grinding rock ’n roll. So get your face out of your tired, played out music and listen to this now. 

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