Monday, October 6, 2014


“We’ll Be Patriots Tomorrow”  - I love songs that make you envision a super hero of some movie is about to rush in and save the day. Thats the vibe that I get off this song. SyDobi is a unique talent. I don’t mean tunafish in your omelet for breakfast unique. I talking a fresh combination of sounds unique. So many formulas have been tread and retread that when you come across something like SyDobi you really feel like you’re breathing a breath of fresh air. He effectively combines a pop/electronica vibe in verses yet seamlessly transitions to rock for the choruses. With a pulsing drive from the drums this song just rocks. Synth and guitar tones blend really well keeping a solid core for this song. He has talent to blend different elements together and make them all make sense together including a blistering rock solo and an acoustic folk outro. I would recommend this track to a wide variety audiences. If you like Alternative/Pop/Rock/Electronic I highly recommend this song.

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