Friday, October 3, 2014

Fire by Night

“Give It Up” - Grinding guitars launch this track and you know that this is going to drop heavy. It does, the band just pile drives shifting the song and blends the drive with heavy pulses with an eb and flow that keeps you on your toes. The the drums and guitar are in lockstep with one another and Fire by Night have the hard rock/heavy metal vibe like seasoned veterans. The production is crisp with all elements fitting and heard in the mix well. At 2:35 the song trips out a bit and lets you glide back into your seat for a breather so that they can set you up for the grinding groove solo. Things spiral upward to the sky because I don’t think that this band knows how to let up. You really should “Give It Up” and blast this song on your speakers. Playing it softly is just wrong. 

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