Saturday, October 11, 2014


“Pyramids” (feat. Haeden) - With swinging sounds this song flows across my speakers and makes me instantly sway. This track is different from a lot of the Hip Hop I hear. While most MC’s roll about how much they got and how hard they are, this is a romantic track. Utilizing classic Moog sounds and a  back beat that is really smooth your ears will be in full ecstasy. The bass guitar track on this song makes you feel like you can slide cross the floor for miles. If you like Rap, Hip Hop or Pop I highly recommend checking out this track. It would be great to put on when you are out on a date with your girl, top down cruising out on the town. EmpierDoc has the goods on this track and they are well on their way climbing to the top of the “Pyramid” of the music business. 

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