Sunday, October 26, 2014

No Need For Parachutes

ACRO//EVADE - No Need For Parachutes is a no-nonsense, in-your-face, guitar band. They call themselves alternative rock but the important thing to know is that they just throw down. With this collection of tunes they have put the pedal to the floor and have sped off for the horizon. The guitars on display are huge. You almost feel like you are at a live performance. The recording has captured a truly honest and blissful expression of emotion. The bass guitar lines while murky in tone, underline the dissonance in feelings and help craft the beautiful heft of this band. Drums just slam like the rest of this group. Everything just feels like it was played full out from the heart. Vocally NNFP puts it all on the line. They are not afraid to tell you what is really on their minds. In a day an age where most groups over produce everything on a computer within a nanosecond and suck all the emotion out NNFP just rock out. If you like Rock/Hard Rock/Alt Rock I would highly recommend this EP. From the driving sounds on “In Your Head”, the gritty vibe on “Basecamp”, explosive emotion from the title track
or the dissonant angst from the lead single “Trojan Whorse” No Need For Parachutes deliver real rock with the goods. Get to it NOW!

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