Sunday, October 5, 2014

G33Kz Ft. DRELL$

“Winnin’” - The opening piano in this piece lets you know that things are about to get real. Building the tension once the bass and beat kick in you know you are getting into something thick. No B.S. G33Kz is throwing out something real. This track just rocks with a hypnotic trance. You’re gonna want to listen to this over and over again, its that good. The song is layered well, no cheap one dimensional music here. The track has an old school vibe with a modern spin. The vocal delivery is spot on throwing out all the goods. If you are ready for a laid back track to cruise with then you gotta throw this on. You can bounce or slide with this pumping out of the speakers. If you like Rap/Hip Hop then you gotta check out this track.

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