Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blindside Thunder

The Storm - Blindside Thunder is the ultimate release. Life’s responsibilities can just be rather overwhelming. In the 80’s we had Heavy Metal that make you want to go out and let go. You would forget all your problems with your fists pumping into the air and your head banging like there was no tomorrow. Blindside Thunder has delivered a fresh new party-metal album to help you get through those hectic days. Really, how many times can you stand to hear “Pour Some Sugar On Me”? Blindside throw down a gauntlet of rock like the best. You want songs about fast lives, parties and girls? Blindside has you covered for a good time all you have to add is you. Crunching chunking guitars with blistering leads, bass guitars laying down the low end and bringing the thunder and the pummeling drums will keep you at 100mph all night long. Vocally, this guy can sing, he doesn’t need to scream like the cookie monster on crack or croak like mutant frog on halloween he just belts it out from the heart. Blindside might be a party band but they are no slackers, track after track they deliver solid songs that rock. If you like rock/hard rock/heavy metal I recommend this album and no matter what “Storm” you maybe going through this album with put a smile on your face and get you rocking to clearer skies. Do yourself a favor grab a cold one, get this album and CRANK IT!

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  1. BlindSide Thunder is a great rock band that has just given Rock n Roll a shot in the arm!!! Bring on the Rebel Rock!!!!