Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Black Nevada

“Standing On the Edge” - With so many sub-genres in rock music today many artists get lost. Black Nevada is a band that just ROCKS! On this breakout single the band hits you over the head with aggressive guitars, hammering drums, thick bass and soaring vocals. This is the type of epic song that is great to listen while going up against a great challenge. This is what great rock ’n roll songs sound like, the pure drive and energy to overcome anyone or anything. I would highly recommend this track to anyone that likes rock/hard rock/ alt rock. Black Nevada is “Standing On the Edge” of something great so don’t miss out and crank this tune. 

“Small World, Big Problems” - Etherial flanged notes dance through the air momentarily and then Black Nevada drops their hammer. Grinding guitars launch this track into the air where it soars for the heavens. Pounding drums keep this song rock solid and provide a concrete foundation for this chart topping song. The bass guitar grooves like a giant middle finger waving in the air to everyone that stands in your way. Vocals just get belted out straight from the heart, no filter. If you like rock/hard rock/alt rock that gets in your face, makes you want to stomp your feet and pump your fist, Black Nevada is the band for you. In a “Small World” filled to brim with artists Black Nevada steps out with tunes that will make you forget all your “Big Problems”. Just crank it and ROCK!

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