Sunday, April 12, 2015

Dissector, Into the Pit of Grey Anguish You’ll Find a Metal Perspective

Grey Anguish - Listening to the latest release from Dissector I close my eyes. I see myself lying flat on my back traveling down a black conveyor. I appear to be moving towards a furnace where I will be incinerated into oblivion. I hear the raging fire get louder and I get closer. As I can feel the heat rising around my feet. I begin to wonder if I am about to enter the realm of hell. Three feet from the open flames though I seem to fall off the end of the conveyor and into a bottomless pit. As I feel the heat fade my body slowly rotates and I now falling head first. With each passing second I pass varying images from my past nightmares. They appear as vivid holograms on the pit’s cavern like walls. I begin to slow for no reason and the laws of gravity seem to no longer exist. As I hover midair the hallucinations continue. Out of myself I can examine my travels and choices, but the question is, will I fall again. Dissector does an excellent job taking you on a surreal journey. Their dense soundscapes provide the perfect escape from life and it daily toils. If the average office cubical worker only finds solace in filing and overpriced coffee, then they haven’t discovered the release in extreme metal served here in Grey Anguish. If you find yourself in the midst of having the worst day of your life… again, Dissector has the perfect remedy. Taking this album and cranking it to 10 in your headphones or car stereo will prove very therapeutic. From the opening electronic intro you will feel yourself being pulled towards a crescendo of rage which absolutely releases over the following 10 tracks. Andrey’s drumming not only sounds like a man unleashing his full rage into his instrument but his attack and precision is that which Industrial/Metal mountains are made of. Wether choosing to lay low in the back beat or firing hits as fast as a machine gun he creates the vast catacombs in which these tales are set in. As you fall through Dissector’s world you with be overcome by the mass girth on show from Oleg’s bass guitar. Like a raging famished lion growling 3 octaves lower Oleg lays a murky background of textures that make you feel like someone is writing a soundtrack for your nightmares. Just when you think you might have had enough Yan’s guttural vocals and guitar work come raging out of your speakers like a demons worst nightmare. While vocally he continually harnesses his lowest registers possible, his guitar layers add harmony textures so that the songs don’t become overly low-end heavy. He also has the ability to harness a power and rage consistently over these 11 tracks so that you can release from the daily toils and disappointments. This isn’t an album to share with your children or Grandma, especially  if you don’t want to deal with whines of nightmares or unexpected funerals. This is the type of music that you want to crank through your speakers so you don’t kill you boss tomorrow at work. I would recommend this album to those that like Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Black Metal or Industrial Metal. While falling into the pit of Grey Anguish you will find a peace through the pulsing metal from Dissector and find perspective in knowing you are not alone in your rage. 

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