Saturday, April 25, 2015

Patersani, Throwing Back and Aiming for the Stars

“The Ugly Friend” - Listening to this track from Patersani I can close my eyes and find myself in my favorite bar. Sitting there resting my arms up on the back of my favorite booth I eye a beautiful woman across the room. The scent of her flawless skin cuts through the smell of cheap stale beer being spilt on the floor, and her beautiful eyes connect with mine through the secondhand smoke of cigarettes. She licks her lips and giggles silently across the room. While I shift in my seat a jingle enters my ears and my focus is adverted. Sometimes you hear a song and the whole world just ceases to exist, well for me anyway, and this is one of those songs. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland the men from Patersani have crafted quite a song and one that sounds to be a hit. With trebly guitars that bounce and careen out of your speakers you will find it hard to not snap your fingers and sway to the beat. The sound is a bit of a throw back to what became classic with the British Invasion, but attacked with such zeal and fervor Patersani keep it new and fresh. The band plays lock tight and executes well. The bass hops around the beat and will be sure to have your hair bouncing with it. Drum work has an awesome snap to it and nails the tempo perfectly. By far though what makes this song crank is the vocals. I don’t know if they could be sung any better, wait I do, and they can’t. The production on this track leans on the high-end rather hard. While it may sound out of place against other current Pop artist, it fits the vibe of the track dead on. This is one of those tracks that is rather infectious and you will want to play over and over again. I would highly recommend this track to those that like Pop/Rock, Alternative and Garage Rock. While you maybe distracted and miss out on hooking up with that hot girl across the bar, you’ll definitely be money ahead and great songs don’t off and leave your for your “Ugly Friend”. 

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