Sunday, April 19, 2015

Memory In Plant, Tired of Pushing the Envelope They Invent a New One

“Astronomy Domine” - Recently I went on a journey courtesy of Memory In Plant and their take on Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine”. I found myself in a metal corridor where the walls were cold slick black steel. The area was barely lit by what appeared to be a string of L.E.D. lights on either side of me where the walls met the floor. A feeling came over me thought that I was not alone. The walls began to eerily pulsate and waveforms seemed to come from that would penetrate my body internally. I could almost feel as the sound waves were trying to sync with my heart or vice versa. Then all at once the pulsing walls revealed images like gigantic computer monitors. The first images of snow quickly transitioned to the far reaching cosmos it was almost as if I was drifting is space. With the image showing a quick descent to earth I watch it form from the inside out, almost as if I was watching the creation of the earth in a sort of fast forward. Memory In Plant have taken a track from the band Pink Floyd and miraculously found a way to make it more trippy. Imagine if the Beatles (In all there LSD rage) were in charge of the Matrix, and you will start to get an idea of what these guys can create. While standard songwriting dictates that you find a hook, use that as your foundation and build a song. M.I.P. throw that ethnic in the trash bin like a styrofoam container from the seventies. While blending the traditional elements of drums, bass and guitar with those of the unlimited electronic realm the men from M.I.P. create a sonic journey that comes out of nowhere but not completely unfamiliar. Challenging the status quo of recorded music they blend crisp textures with professional recording approaches and mishmash them together to create unique sonic collages. If you are the type that insists on coloring within the lines and counting the stokes while brushing your teeth then you may feel uncomfortable checking this out, but if you feel that the movie Alice in Wonderland was made far too tame then this is the band for you. I would recommend this to those that like Avant-Garde, Electronic, Progressive and Alternative genres. “Never say never”, I rarely say but in the universe of music Memory In Plant has taken a new perspective on Astronomy and never will you be the same. 

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