Tuesday, April 28, 2015

John White, A Message and Beat Born to Lead

“Won’t Be Long” - From the opening backwards guitar tracking this cut has an awesome bounce. Overall the track is very professional. The kick has a tight low pop with a snare that has the snap and crack to counter and get this song flowing. John’s vocals ride overtop this spin and with a low laid back delivery give calm to the storm that can be life. Clean electric guitar tones help increase the peace needed in such a day and age. With key work floating in the background you can almost see the angels at work singing backup and welcoming you into a life that can be more peaceful as described here. John has really stepped up his game here and delivered a track that not only has vision, but promise to help redefine the landscape of Rap and Hip Hop. With such a message one can hope that the range of music will broaden beyond the desires for Drugs, Alcohol and sleazy sex. I would recommend this to anyone that likes music that inspires, Rap, Hip Hop or Alternative genres. A leader doesn’t need to brag about their stature, but speak a message that rings loudly with truth and here John speaks as a leader.

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