Sunday, April 19, 2015

Papermoon Gypsys, Cooling the Summer Days With Their Brand of Scorching Blues

Papermoon Gypsys - Pressing play on this release from the Papermoon Gypsys whisks me away to a gravel road in the middle of nowhere. Sitting there starring at my flat tire I can’t decide if I want to walk to get help or crack a cold one out of the cooler in the trunk. It’s a beautiful summer day and while leaning up against my car trying to decide a beautiful woman pulls up in a convertible with top down. With a wink and a smile you hop in and take off for paradise with your cooler in her back seat.  Papermoon Gypsys at its core is a blues group that takes pleasure in dabbling in rock textures. While their track “Halls of that Chandrian” flirts with hard rock, they turn right around on “Have You Ever Had a Reason” and deliver a pure dose of the blues. On songs like “Little Town” you will find the drums rocking right in the pocket. The kick has just the right amount of slap and attitude countering the snap of the snare. Bass guitars lay in the pocket and will have you wanting to dance across the floor and slide the night away. Musically the cornerstone of this band though is the six strings of the guitar. Wether winding and crying on “Have You Ever Had a Reason” to snarling grind of “She’s Tough” the guitar sings a full range of emotions. Vocally you have Kenny dominating the opening track however the passionate female vocals from Lexi serve the lion’s share of singing. With brash attitude and vocal prowess Lexi gets in you face and you can’t find someone to better to sing the blues to you with your radio cranked driving down the road. I would recommend this to anyone that likes Blues or Rock genres. While the Papermoon Gypsys on the surface may sound like a lightweight Americana group they prove that they have true blues power pumping through their veins and are ready to set the world afire. 

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