Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Si Astbury, Times Change but Love Never Gets Old

“Times Change” - With notes sliding out of my speakers and across the air, the opening piano seems to be looking behind and times past that were better. A soundscape that is reminiscent of classic power ballads Mr. Astbury belts one out straight from the heart.  With this mournful tune Si sings of love like a man that has lived. His vocal approach hides behind no autotune or tricks of effect. On display you clearly have a man that just pours it out from his soul. His employment of vocal vibrato is done rather well. Certain phrases do seem though that they are a bit of a caged lion. Cutting completely loose this man can really let it rip. Overall production of this track is done rather well. The lead guitar is buried a bit but adds the right amount of edge to the track. Upfront is the delicately played piano which does well to establish the overall mood. The drum kit and bass guitar lay well in the pocket and fill out this ensemble but don’t do anything too flashy. What is pinnacle here is the heart of Si and his approach to this heartfelt song. I would recommend this cut to those that like Pop, Rock, and especially ballad numbers. While “Times Change” nothing stands up better than a love song. They never get old especially when sung from the heart so pure. 

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