Saturday, April 25, 2015

Sky Kings, Conquering the Studio and Soaring into the Sky

Morose Tales From the Left Coast - Listening to this release from Sky King I whisk off to better days. It’s a warm summer day, driving down the interstate the window is down and the wind is in my hair. With one hand on the wheel I take my free hand and set it out the window. Letting the air flow over and below my hand it becomes free in the wind and takes flight. The pull becomes stronger and I find myself floating out of the car and upward into the sky. As I look down I see my car fade. Looking upwards I see the billowy cotton like clouds drawing closer. I feel the warmth of the sun wrap around me like a passionate lover. Soaring in the sky I bob and weave around and through the cloud formations. I feel at peace and at home in this dream like land. This is the type of band that sings about the low points of life but create textures that make you feel like you can soar high into the heavenly clouds. The feature of this release is Walter Morosko. Behind the microphone he commands the spirit of a life truly lived. Holding nothing back he weaves vocal lines through the tapestry of this band creating a true piece of art. With guitar in hand he delivers a second voice to this group which seems to come first nature. With true guts he lays down lines and licks that blaze towards glory. With Garth Farkas backing him with his rhythmic six strings the two get into the dirt and kick some up for fun to the point that you find yourself lost in musical ecstasy. Laying down the low-end is the great Larry “Fuzzy” Knight. With lines thick and solid as an oiled swimsuit model you will find yourself stomping the floor and your hips will cut a groove across any room. Each song blooms to the point where nothing is held back. With accompaniments of horns, piano, drums and harmonica this full ensemble creates music that will give any floor a punishment in pure musical bliss. This is truly a great Blues/Rock band throwing down. I would highly recommend this release to anyone that loves Blues, Rock, Classic Rock and because of some of the beautiful tender moments created here, those that like Soft Rock will also find bliss. Take some time and let this band sweep you off your feet and fly into the sky with true pure passion. 

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