Saturday, April 25, 2015

Johnny Straws, Offering a Variety of Textures to Get You Through Your Rainy Days

“Don’t Forget Me”/“If you Love Someone”/“Can’t Stop” - As I close my eyes and listen to these three songs from Johnny Straws I find myself staring down at the ground on a cold rainy day. Standing under the awning of an old building I watch the water as it falls and creates ripples in the puddle that continues to grow. Far off in the distance I hear birds beginning to sing and as I look up I see a break in the clouds. The sun is trying to break through and as the light strikes my face I find hope to walk out into the day. “Don’t Forget Me”, is a mournful ballad with the hope of a better day. Singing from the heart Johnny singing style fits the chiming guitars. While the guitars rain notes from above his voice breaks through with strong assurance. With lead note choices that seem like Alt Rock the mood in “If You Love Someone” has a swinging feel. You almost feel like you are traveling, or that you will want to and get back to that love that is so true. This song is written rather well. With the vocal performance resting as a duet, the additional voice adds dimension. With the sun on your back and Johnny in your ears you will sure to find that great love again. On “Can’t Stop”, Johnny snarls and curls his lip a bit and lays down some attitude. With the classic 1-2 beat from the drums and the bass guitar bouncing off the walls Johnny pulls off the punk vibe rather well. This is a nice collection for those that like something away from the mainstream. I would recommend Johnny to those that like Rock, Alt Rock or Punk genres. On a journey to find his groove Johnny Straws proves that he is no one trick pony.

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