Friday, November 27, 2015

Aida, On the Cusp of Shining Like a Beautiful Star

The Cusp of Beauty, Opening guitars howl and piano notes gently drift off the soundboard creating an optimistic environment for the beat to drop and hammer hard. Looking inward Aida explores the consciousness of an artist and where conflicts seem to be a daily grind. Powerful backing elements create the scape for an epic title track. With electric guitars grinding in the background they contrast well with the piano work to create a “Fire and Ice” juxtaposition. On “Grasp of Beauty” Aida creates an uptempo smooth track with beautiful choruses sung that will put air under your wings encouraging you to fly. The beat has a swinging feel that makes you want to hit the road and get something done today. This song would work well in an inspirational movie. Aida has truly grown with this release as it shows on every track. This song in particular is hook heavy and shoots for the stars. Opening strings on “Progressive Journey” imply a tender side of a warriors heart. Contrasting his hard vocal approach on lyrical rhymes, the soulful female vocals in the choruses and the winding melodies floating in the background do well push the release even further. While the soundscape breaks down from time to time it rebuilds very strong with pro songwriting chops. The low-fi opening of “Progression” makes you feel like you are lying in bed listening to an old radio as the sound blossoms and creates a beautiful bouquet. The verse tag team action with Choric Lumina adds yet another dimension that takes you on a fuller and deeper journey. The electronic elements on this track help mixup the tone flow and activates different pallets that will make you want to dig deeper into each song.  With opening vocals singing in an Indie Rock vibe, the track “Burn Like Fire” makes you feel you are stuck out in the rain ready to shake off the cold wet blues and become a soaring Phoenix. The contrasting melodic sung verse and choruses with Aida’s signature vocal flow authentically replicates what it feels like sometimes to be stuck in a conflicted relationship. The acoustic guitar work is placed really well in this song in unison with the strings in the chorus create a powerful track that drips with passion. Opening vocals lines on “Mirror’s Reflection” reach deep into a rejected heart wanting to love. Clean electric guitars evoke visions of broken hands reaching out for love and understanding. Pounding beats feel like a world beating down that doesn't understand. Growling bass guitar lines pose as the Mirror that is relentless and unforgiving. As the tune “Cry Out For Help” unfolds you find yourself starring face to face with a desperate man. Piano work creates textures that are true beauty in motion. The beat takes the back seat and provides a solid back bone, but the haunting hook vocal is that which rain clouds release for. While sounding a bit over processed the hook line serves it’s purpose and makes you wonder if someone is laying on the floor amidst the shards of broken glass. Electric guitars create a tension that makes you feel like a storm is brewing on “Fade Out”. Bass notes provide a flow that feel like a cold breeze which is trying to steal your soul. With spirited vocals slamming the tag team nature helps the song evolve and keeps the sparks flying. Female vocals sweetly weaving through the choruses are the light that keep the strongest dreams alive. The cadences employed here on the varying vocal deliveries are that of true pro status. I would call this cut a true stand out track. With the funky piano groove on “Feel Good” you cant help but get your pants out of the chair and shake your skin till it shines in the sun. The samples are laid with excellent position. This thick track has the goods and is an awesome way to round out such a deep reaching album. I would recommend this release to anyone that likes true emotion on display. Those that like Pop, Rap and Hip Hop will especially find jewels here to enjoy for weeks to come.  With Aida on The Cusp of Beauty his star has only begun to shine. Hopefully he will not rest on what he has created hear and continue to push the boundaries with more emotionally energizing tracks to be cut in the future. 

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