Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Legendary Outlaws, Rocking Hooks With Growing Vocals

The Legendary Outlaws and the Legend of the Rock and Roll Outlaw - Opening guitar chords from this group sound like sonic fire. The right amount of touch, grind, youthful aggression and passion are on full display. Bass guitar notes pulse and have a low-end growl like that of a vicious junkyard dog. Lead guitar work plays around the tempo a bit but holds together and complements the attitude that embodies The Legendary Outlaws. Percussion work holds it own as the backbone of this band. With the proper amount of swing and groove the drums supply the extra spark that fills these tracks out. Vocal approach is unconventional and has a unique character that sets The Legendary Outlaws out from the rest of the pack. It sounds as if he is shifting the pitch of his melodies mid-line. It would be interesting to hear this singer refine his craft a bit. I believe it would do much to help this band reach a new plateau. Backing vocals and acoustic guitar elements aid to rounding out this collection for a balanced sonic journey. I would recommend this group to those that like Rock, Southern Rock, Americana and Alternative. A personal standout track for me was "Rock n' Roll Outlaw Part 1 and 2", on this ambitious track the band takes you on a musical journey. I think that if The Legendary Outlaws tighten up their lead guitar work and vocals they will truly be a force to be reckoned with, and that's what the musical landscape needs right now, a bonafide Rock band that will swing for the fences. 

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