Sunday, November 8, 2015

Patersani, They Ain't Rockin No Lost Shoe With This Lost and Found

"Lost and Found" - Patersani once again light up the sounds of Rock n' Roll on their latest single. The rhythm guitars rage like a loin in its prime and sound a battle call to take no prisoners. Lead guitar winds the tension up for an epic release to the point that you will never come down. Despite the post-Grunge, Alternative Rock feel there is a vintage vibe with a modern twist. The drum performance is manic in nature, but not the too much coffee feel, it's more of a euphoric spin till you pass out from happiness feel.  Bass guitar holds the low-end right in the pocket. Creating an infectious groove it will be hard to stand still let alone dance till you're soaked in sweat. Vocals surf the sonic wave with a self-assured confidence. They ride and cut the tempo like a seasoned veteran. If America wasn't so infatuated with Pop and Alternative Rn'B Patersani would find themselves at the top of the charts with this track. Do yourself a favor and check this song out before you are the last cool kid on the block to hear it. Once again this band proves that it belongs with the greats where they will never be lost only waiting to be found. 

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