Monday, November 9, 2015

Last Chance City, An Epic Release That Delivers A New Beginning

A New Beginning - With swirling sounds opening this release Last Chance City open a world for you that will entice the sonic senses and open your mind. With an electronic backbone this Rock outfit hits hard on all five tracks of this release. As you soar to the heavens with their cut, “Life and Love” guitars push you to the edge of your seat while the drum work propels you to move. Bass guitar pulses and winds through the background instigating a passion in your heart that you will not let go easily. Vocals weave through this sonic jungle and reach into your heart and will sure to enflame a passion that will make you sweat. Last Chance City has the ability to craft epic songs that build tension and release like a dam blown wide open. On “Fire Your Guns” the band layers textures that peel back like an onion but stay sweet as morning dew drops kissed by angels. With twist and turns from sweet and nice to naughty and dirty you will feel as if you are on a rollercoaster through the artistic collective that embodies LCC. As the ride pauses around the 3:15 mark the mellow doesn’t last long. Cranking emotions back up like true rockers, you are taken one last go around before the sun sets on this track for good. With opening swells and delicate notes rolling into your ears the song “Rising Flames” sets in front of you like a campfire on a cold night. As the track unfolds that campfire blossoms like a raging bonfire that will leave every inch of your skin alive with electricity. This is the type of release that you would want to put the headphones on and turn off all the lights and lay still so that your imagination can take over and go for a ride. At 2:55 mark “Rising Flames” pulls back with bullhorn vocals that command an epic chorus to follow. These are songs that were made for inspiration. Rounding out the set is the cut “Behind the Hidden Sky”. Driving rhythm guitars cut to an eerie staccato run and you almost feel like you are lost in a fog cloaked autumn forest. As you run to find your way out the song builds and guides you to an escape before the fog can envelope you. Coming to a clearing you see the sky above and you are pulled by a force only this music and propel you with. I would recommend this to those that like Rock, Alternative, Electronic and Pop/Industrial genres. If you are in the mood for a journey through music then I would recommend this release. For A New Beginning is at hand. 

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