Saturday, November 21, 2015

Matt Maher, Leading the Way With His "Firelight"

“Firelight” - As I press play on the single “Firelight” , guitars wind out of my speakers and into my mind. I feel like I am being propelled back in time to a point in my life where everything was on the line. Notes selected bring a rising tension to the number as vocals plead for a better day. Soul and true desire are on full display, like a man hungry in the desert. Beautifully pleading Mr. Maher unleashes his desires like the kick drum that drops beat after beat like the world does so well to beat you down. As the song opens to the chorus I feel the urge to open my arms and welcome Jesus in. This is the typed of stomping song that will have you wanting to get out of your seat and run to the new day, and become all that God wants you to be. Electric guitars have a gritty charm to them and represent just how dirty the world can be. In contrast the organs swell in background with angelic beauty and push this song's emotion to a higher level. Percussion textures lay a driving beat that will encourage the soul to put one foot in front of the other and walk past the door of doubt and fear. They serve the backbone of the song well and help provide the power with a swinging beat. Bass guitar notes pulse and curve through this cut with a low-end growl that act as a concrete podium that will help raise your spirits into the heavens where you can reach your full potential. At the 2:36 mark the vibe of the song cuts to a delicate and tender moment like that of a true beating heart waiting to unleash all that can become. As the song rebuilds with vocals sung straight from the gut Matt allows this track to take flight even higher. I would recommend this song to those that like Pop, Rock, Americana and Christian genres. With the world so cold and dark anymore this is one of those songs that will serve as a “Firelight” to help the lost souls find their way to be saved.

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