Friday, November 20, 2015

Dylan Ruiz, Bringing the Sunshine With This Life

“This is My Life” - This is one of those songs that talk about the dark-side of life, but unites with music that is rich in character and will leave a hop in your step. An inspirational song that has an infectious beat, this is great to put in your ears when you are about to take on the world. Production is top notch, I really like how the construction of this song has plenty of open air so that all the elements have room to breathe. It allows the message come through, and keeps the track from being overly claustrophobic. Piano work rings through you mind like past memories and regrets. They hang in the air to be absorbed and enjoyed. Bass clef notes ring far in the background like memories that haunt, but give power to the song. They remind you of how far you have come, how better you are and foretell what wonderful opportunities lay ahead. The percussion work is nontraditional and serve the song well. They help the tune break out of the common Pop model. Guitar work that dances around the choruses are like butterflies of hope that will rise the spirits of any dark day. I would recommend this track to those that like Pop music. This song is a ray of light in a dark world obsessed with  feeding personal addictions. While “This is my Life” is a song personal to Dylan Ruiz it also can serve as an inspiration to what we can all strive for. 

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