Thursday, November 5, 2015

Le Clotêt Avec Garcés, With the Touch of a True Artist Beauty Unfolds

"Dovelike Man", Opening chords drop seeds of musical beauty.  As they take root and blossom a world of tender wonder opens in your mind. With a seductive falsetto voice this track slides through your consciousness beckoning you to take a closer look and fall into his world. Some of the notes are rather high and shake but the authenticity of this artist is not in doubt. Shifting to lower registers an earthy quality is preformed which wraps you like a warm blanket on a cold winter day. Percussion work does well to provide a passionate and tasteful backbone. It's a tough role to fill, however the beat is played delicately enough to not over burden the song, but still provides the strength it needs. Bass guitar duties toe the line with grace as well. Embodying a warm and round tone you almost feel like you are tracing the lines of a beautiful woman's face on this journey through this artist's soul. The composition on this track is strong and transitions effortlessly. Production is really strong. This is the type of song that you would want to sit next to a fire and enjoy a warm cup of tea. The only weak point of this cut is the vocal performance. While sung with authenticity I can't help but think this song would have soared even higher with a more solid vocal performance. There is true talent here and I hope this isn't the last anyone hears from this gifted writer. 

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