Monday, November 9, 2015

Bogart, Letting Loose Like a True Artisan

“Let Me Be The One Freestyle” - Freestyles are always interesting because you hear an artist working on the fly. Musically the compositions can be rather limiting because you generally hear one beat looped over and over. The upside though is that the length is short enough to keep the monotony at bay. With some electronic fluttering over a thick snare/kick combo Bogart flows about aspirations rather than bragging about what pretends to be or have.  At the 1:17 mark the music morphs as this talented artist cranks it up a notch and really starts to cut. The track wraps up around the 1:30 mark and you are left only wanting more from this artist. The spin is fresh and disposes largely with Rap cliche’s of late. You don’t hear about how he has tons of great weed or how he nails your girl in front of you while he is counting his millions getting drunk. On display is a true talent willing to crack the door open so you can see the man behind the mic. More is sure to come from this poet and you would do yourself well a favor to check out this cut. 

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