Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Boston Shakers, Rocking You into a Flow of Bliss

The Boston Shakers Demo - When the opening drums start pulsing in my ear I feel like I have either drank too much coffee or that I actually woke up in another dimension in a dream where slow motion is 500 bpm.  The drums pound, the guitars are fuzzed and overdriven, bass guitar notes pulse like a teenagers pelvis after staring at a cover of Cosmo for an hour, and vocals swagger and flow like a cat in heat out late at night. “Plastic Bag” embodies true Rock n’ Roll attitude and lays it down like seasoned veterans. “Black Magic” continues the flow and rocks a tempo that sits left of center. It fits the song well. The Boston Shakers rock the rap/rock thing like a real rock band would and flows like a poet truly in the zone. If this is the things a demo from the The Boston Shakers are made of then the authentic release is sure to be a sizzling shot of artistry to the brain. With hooks that will have you humming the songs for weeks TBS take your ears by storm and will tantalize your brain with picturesque lyrical lines.  Rounding out the selections for my tasting was the cut “Best Things in Life for Free”. The bass grinds like a pair of jeans wore so tight you will see the goosebumps rise as the music climaxes. This is truly an infectious song that will have the audience clapping and singing along. With guitar and vocal hooks in toe you have here a classic anthemic song. I would recommend this to those that like Rock, Alternative, Rock/Rap and Underground Rap genres. The Boston Shakers live up to their name shaking up the musical landscape with a set of songs that were born to rock. 

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