Sunday, September 28, 2014

Wasted Saints

Wasted Saints

“Symbiosis” - This is the type of E.P. that just cranks on its own. With this alt/rock release you will find yourself chanting along even before you have the songs memorized. The set takes off stomping with drums that just pound. Grinding guitars are in perfect balance with the rest of the band. Vocals are sung melodic and do well to counter the aggressive guitars passages and soar with the melodic ones. Bass guitar work blends in rather well and lays the low end groove and texture. Wether Wasted Saints is laying back and staying mellow or getting right up in your face they have the talent to be you new favorite rock band. Don’t waste any time at all and find your “Symbiosis” with the collection right now on iTunes. 

Sounds From Wednesday

Sounds From Wednesday

“Two Trees” - This song makes me feel like I have been propelled back to the sounds of the 70’s when classic rock was made and it was classic. SFW does a great job at creating a song with texture. Every layer in this band has its place and is heard well. I really like the blend of elements on this song. Acoustic guitars stand up front and drive the song. Distorted electric guitars do well to lay a nice bed of harmonics for the vocals to dance upon. Drum work does well to propel this song along it adds just the right amount of spice and attitude. The bass guitar adds a wonderful element of groove and complements the guitar work really well keeping the bounce vibe of the song. The vocal work is awesome. Vocals pause from time to time and let the song breath so that it can help tell the tale. If you like classic rock but are tired of listening to the same songs over and over then its time to crank some Sounds From Wednesday. 

“The D.A.” - With the opening guitar work SFW again lay down another wonderful mid-tempo rock song. This band does a great job of telling stories. Lead vocals on this tack are straight from the heart and with backing female vocals they twine together for something very special. The piano work helps set this track apart from other new classic rock tracks. This is the type of song that I like to listen to in the morning. With a cup of coffee in hand and this track cranked I can do a days work and feel like I am not, dancing through it all. The drum work is playful and tasteful, and with the guitars and key work I can almost bet that the birds are bopping and dancing outside as well. If you like great rock/pop songwriting make sure that you check out “The D.A.” by Sounds From Wednesday.

J.C. Country

J.C. Country

“Roll’n Jack"

With the opening lines of this country/folk song you immediately feel like you are rolling down the road
with J.C. This is one of those songs that just speaks honestly from the heart. The swagger of the guitar as it shuffles makes you feel like you have the window down and the wind in your hair. The playing is simple but tasteful and does well to convey the message. Vocals are sung spot on and wind down the road through memories past. This is one of those songs that would to well on a road trip first thing in the morning. Seeing the golden sun rise on the horizon this track rises as well lifting spirits and hopes for a better day on the road. If you are a fan of Country or Folk I highly recommend this track from J.C. Country. With “Roll’n Jack” you find yourself cruising with a smile on your face.

3 Weeks Later

3 Weeks Later

Grinding guitars, hammering drums, thundering bass and gritty vocals get right in your face. If you need to wake up and shake off that “Monday” feeling then this is a band to consider. These guys reign metal style in perfect lockstep clear cutting all other crappy music that stands in their way. They have the ability to write catchy songs that have a real groove and flow to them. While many bands have mastered the idea of being heavy it takes another level of talent to write songs that make you want to head-bang until your head flys off. This band has solid writing skills as well as great production on their tunes. You can hear influences of Megadeth and Black Label Society in 3WL’s thrashing. The band is lock tight in rhythm sections like a focused metal machine. The guitar lead work is tasteful, not overplayed or strung out. The drums have a perfect balance with the band and do great to point and counter point the songs and take them over the top. Bass guitar work lays down the low and dirty making the ladies want to swing those hips and getting the guys to throw those fists in the air on the down beat. Vocals have that sizzling grind and swagger of attitude which is what metal is all about. If you like Metal that is mid tempo, with great production, that has the feel of the 80’s with a new twist and modern feel then check out 3 Weeks Later. You will not be disappointed. 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hello, Do You Need a Music Review?

Hello my name is Michael and I do music reviews. I have been doing reviews for quite some time although never affiliated with a particular periodical or website. Being an amateur musician myself I was told many times that I need “reviews” for my press kit. However trying to land said reviews was like trying to get my father to loan me $5, REALLY HARD. So because I like music of ALL GENRES and l like to write reviews I started the following page:

I highly recommend checking out my page. You can see what and how I write there.

And now with request I have also started this blog.

Is this for you?
If you or someone you know might be interested please like the page and message me. I REVIEW ALL GENRES, I want to make that clear. I LOVE ALL MUSIC. So yeah if you do classical or even if you perform playing a kick drum with a kazoo and spoons I’m down with that. I will review single songs, music videos, live video performances, EP and LP’s. If you don’t hear back from me right away don’t be discouraged. I do work a day job and have a family if you message me I will get to you. If a week goes by and you don’t hear anything message me again. I do get to every request. Maybe the message got lost in the “internet shuffle” or I was hitting delete to quickly through all the spam. Sorry I am human. lol

Do the recordings have to be “studio quality”?

The simple answer is no. If you have a basement demo or a live single camera video recording that is fine. Now, if I can’t hear all the elements to the song to my satisfaction I will probably decline that recording because I want to be able to give your recording the best possible review. If all I can hear is muffled vocals and a grossly loud drum kit that isn’t going to let me write a good review of the song. That said I am VERY understanding as far as audio quality. Best thing to do is shoot me a message with a link. I will listen and if I can do it I will say so, if not, then I will say so politely.

What do you get?

I do two types of reviews. You can get one or the other or both if you desire. 1. Public - This means that I review your song on the basis of your song. I review the art of it and the talents of the band. I refuse to write reviews that just rip on bands and their songs. I have respect for artists. Say someone sends me a song that deals with a subject that I don’t like. I won’t rip the song. I will still review with respect the elements and the art of the song. I like to review songs not spew any social/political/artistic views on anyone else’s art. When the review is done I post one copy on this blog (which I share on my twitter feed), one to my timeline on Facebook, I message the artist with a copy and I post one on the artists Facebook or Reverbnation (if they have one). If you don’t like it, tell me and we will throw everything away like it never even happened but I will not edit my review with opinions from the artist.

2. Critique of an artists abilities. I have done this a lot and have gotten lots of positive feedback. Sometimes an artist can be so close to their work that they might not see the weak point. Basically what I do is review the song and collect and note the positives but I will also give suggestions on areas where the artist might want to change, strengthen or remove certain elements. No one likes the barer of bad news but again, I won’t rip on an artist or song, I will merely act as a “advisor” on what could help the artist be better. These reviews I don’t make public. I send them to the artist and if they want to put them out they can. These reviews are a dialog between me and the artist and if the artist chooses to share them they can.

So if an artist contacts me what do they need?
1. A link to the song in question be it a link on Facebook, reverberation, youtube, sound cloud or bandcamp. I got to be able to get to the art so I can hear it. Please don’t email me attachments. I being an artist myself I don’t have the disk space to download tons of material and its really easy to have it somewhere online where I can hear it.

2. You don’t have to have a page or profile for the act. If you do then I will post it on your timeline unless you asking for a critique and not a review. Reviews I post to timelines, critiques I message to you, but you do need somewhere I can send it to.

3. Background info, I don’t want a novel, but if you have lyrics great! A sentence or two about the artist and what the song is about that can be very helpful to have to reference when writing the review. Again don’t send tons of info. 2 or 3 sentences of background info MAX! I do this in my free time and for free of charge so if you send me a 15 page bio I will not have time to read it. 


Now that being said I love music and memorabilia you want to send me a t-shirt or a cd or sticker in the mail, cool. LOL It’s not going to get you a better review or anything but again I do this for free of charge. I make no money off of it, so if you want to send something to show appreciation cool. If not cool too, the only thing that will affect the review is the song itself. The biggest thanks you can do is to share the page with all your friends. 

If you have any other questions  just ask.