Sunday, January 26, 2020

Floral: "This Year"

With a burst of energy Floral open “This Year” with an array of percussion hits and notes that takes your mind on a journey through the recesses of your mind. Question is, will you like what you find? 

The pallet of my ears is well justified for the mix is in full blossom with all elements well represented. The guitars dance from foreground to the back while the bass is well represented from the sides allowing your hips to groove as you walk through the house. The drums pack the appropriate punch to get you to nod your head with the beat, all the while you don’t have to worry about spraining your neck. 

Being that this is an instrumental track, it lends the listener to have a blank canvas as to what the subject matter is. I find myself in the city at a crosswalk. The traffic is busy moving faster than normal and I have to make my way across so that I can get home. Having to time my moves just right I make it across the intersection and on my way. Weaving in and out of people and obstacles I finally find peace and end in arriving home. Any adventure of the mind and emotion could take place with this track in the back ground.

This track is just beautiful. I would recommend this track to those that like rock genres such as indie and prog. This track has a very uplifting feel to in and can help to be that sun rising on a cloudy day. 

Hats off to Floral with an excellent track for a Sunday afternoon. Check it out. It’s definitely worth the spin.