Sunday, October 26, 2014

No Need For Parachutes

ACRO//EVADE - No Need For Parachutes is a no-nonsense, in-your-face, guitar band. They call themselves alternative rock but the important thing to know is that they just throw down. With this collection of tunes they have put the pedal to the floor and have sped off for the horizon. The guitars on display are huge. You almost feel like you are at a live performance. The recording has captured a truly honest and blissful expression of emotion. The bass guitar lines while murky in tone, underline the dissonance in feelings and help craft the beautiful heft of this band. Drums just slam like the rest of this group. Everything just feels like it was played full out from the heart. Vocally NNFP puts it all on the line. They are not afraid to tell you what is really on their minds. In a day an age where most groups over produce everything on a computer within a nanosecond and suck all the emotion out NNFP just rock out. If you like Rock/Hard Rock/Alt Rock I would highly recommend this EP. From the driving sounds on “In Your Head”, the gritty vibe on “Basecamp”, explosive emotion from the title track
or the dissonant angst from the lead single “Trojan Whorse” No Need For Parachutes deliver real rock with the goods. Get to it NOW!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Michael Aldridge

“The H.E.R.O.” (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) - This short track from Michael shows what is to come on the horizon. With the notes dripping from the heavens and a bass that grooves Mr. Aldridge is poised to lay a set to save the world.


“Tears” - With the opening acoustic guitar you maybe expecting a folk act but once the beat drops you get a thick, tight produced song. 1st drops a great track here. Despite all the crap the world throws at you this song reminds you to preserver to better days. There won’t be any regrets playing his song but “Tears” may roll remembering the things you have overcome listening to it. 1stRequest has done an excellent job in song craft, you gotta hear this!


Attached (Ft. Deonta Davelle)- Quari Banks - QuariBanks throws down a fresh new track that stands out in the world. Trippy music flows and Quari flows with class over top. If you like Rap/Hip Hop/Pop definitely check out this track. This song has major hooks so download, go for a cruise and crank this song. 

Black Nevada

“Standing On the Edge” - With so many sub-genres in rock music today many artists get lost. Black Nevada is a band that just ROCKS! On this breakout single the band hits you over the head with aggressive guitars, hammering drums, thick bass and soaring vocals. This is the type of epic song that is great to listen while going up against a great challenge. This is what great rock ’n roll songs sound like, the pure drive and energy to overcome anyone or anything. I would highly recommend this track to anyone that likes rock/hard rock/ alt rock. Black Nevada is “Standing On the Edge” of something great so don’t miss out and crank this tune. 

“Small World, Big Problems” - Etherial flanged notes dance through the air momentarily and then Black Nevada drops their hammer. Grinding guitars launch this track into the air where it soars for the heavens. Pounding drums keep this song rock solid and provide a concrete foundation for this chart topping song. The bass guitar grooves like a giant middle finger waving in the air to everyone that stands in your way. Vocals just get belted out straight from the heart, no filter. If you like rock/hard rock/alt rock that gets in your face, makes you want to stomp your feet and pump your fist, Black Nevada is the band for you. In a “Small World” filled to brim with artists Black Nevada steps out with tunes that will make you forget all your “Big Problems”. Just crank it and ROCK!

Saturday, October 11, 2014


“Pyramids” (feat. Haeden) - With swinging sounds this song flows across my speakers and makes me instantly sway. This track is different from a lot of the Hip Hop I hear. While most MC’s roll about how much they got and how hard they are, this is a romantic track. Utilizing classic Moog sounds and a  back beat that is really smooth your ears will be in full ecstasy. The bass guitar track on this song makes you feel like you can slide cross the floor for miles. If you like Rap, Hip Hop or Pop I highly recommend checking out this track. It would be great to put on when you are out on a date with your girl, top down cruising out on the town. EmpierDoc has the goods on this track and they are well on their way climbing to the top of the “Pyramid” of the music business. 


“RVIN” - There are tracks that I can’t just explain, for some reason they just sink and pull a trigger in your mind. This song by Benjamin has that unique factor. There is a trip factor to the way that this was produced. I would almost call this spoken word/trip hop. The opening synth lines tied with the basic beat slowly evolve opening like a beautiful black hole. Vocally Benjamin seems to be doing all he can to keep this rather simplistic in the beginning and then his flow opens and evolves as does the music. At the 1:00 mark Benjamin really starts rolling sad thing is the track is only 1:19 long. I really consider this an interesting piece of artwork. I wish it would have been a bit longer. I am sure many would love to rip on this but really, give it a spin with an open mind. There is a really interesting artist on display here. I hope more is to come from Benjamin, so if you like Hip/hop, Rap, Experimental, Underground material I would definitely check this out.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


“Playground” - The opening synth lines feel like they are longing for something more and true. Vocals from T-A-P are smooth and pleasingly melodic. The track really starts rolling at 1:34 where the beat kicks in. T-A-P has created an awesome soundscape here. While the elements of EDM in a Pop structure are not original the arrangement and this take on it is refreshing and unique. If you are tired of the same old played out Pop music and approaches take the time to check out “Playground”. This song is fresh and well produced. If you like Pop with electronic overtones I would highly recommend checking out this track. T-A-P isn’t messing around on the “Playground”, they are getting down to serious business creating great tracks.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Spencer Joyce

Overnight Rockstar - The door opens and Spencer takes flight on his debut album. With raging guitars ringing chords of freedom he swings for the bleachers on this release.Staking his home in the genre of Alternative Rock you will find songs that range from remorse to mischievous abandon. Mildly distorted guitars paint of soundscape of angst with melodic vocals as a counter point. The bass lines help the songs spin and bounce and add a healthy dose of playfulness and keep the songs from getting too dour. Drum work is solid and give Spencer’s songs room to breathe. While Spencer is only 21 he tells the stories of a well traveled man. Songs of heart break and overcoming it prominent on this release. If you are a fan of Alternative Rock I would consider checking this out. 

Monday, October 6, 2014


“We’ll Be Patriots Tomorrow”  - I love songs that make you envision a super hero of some movie is about to rush in and save the day. Thats the vibe that I get off this song. SyDobi is a unique talent. I don’t mean tunafish in your omelet for breakfast unique. I talking a fresh combination of sounds unique. So many formulas have been tread and retread that when you come across something like SyDobi you really feel like you’re breathing a breath of fresh air. He effectively combines a pop/electronica vibe in verses yet seamlessly transitions to rock for the choruses. With a pulsing drive from the drums this song just rocks. Synth and guitar tones blend really well keeping a solid core for this song. He has talent to blend different elements together and make them all make sense together including a blistering rock solo and an acoustic folk outro. I would recommend this track to a wide variety audiences. If you like Alternative/Pop/Rock/Electronic I highly recommend this song.

Ash Wednesday

“The Fallen” - The opening guitar chords remind me of those times when I wake up and I know that the day is just going to be epic and I’m up to no good. This song slinks across my speakers and into my ears like an evil seductress. Ash Wednesday is the greasy kind of rock n roll that was made famous by the likes of the Rolling Stones only with more attitude. The guitars have that middle finger in your face grind with solos that don’t need a million notes a minute. Instead they favor for groove and feel and the guitar leads become another voice for the band. The bass guitar is well defined and lays down a solid groove factor for the band. Drums, done perfect for this band. Fills aid the peaks and valleys of this song and drive it into reckless abandon. Vocals are dripping with attitude and heart. Randolph Robinson can’t help from pushing it as hard as he can. If you are the type of person that likes pretty little safe Pop songs then Ash Wednesday is NOT for you. This band has a real crossover appeal. If you like rock/hard rock/classic rock/alt rock/punk/grunge/garage rock this is the band for you. They have the attitude and the skill to deliver solid grinding rock ’n roll. So get your face out of your tired, played out music and listen to this now. 

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blindside Thunder

The Storm - Blindside Thunder is the ultimate release. Life’s responsibilities can just be rather overwhelming. In the 80’s we had Heavy Metal that make you want to go out and let go. You would forget all your problems with your fists pumping into the air and your head banging like there was no tomorrow. Blindside Thunder has delivered a fresh new party-metal album to help you get through those hectic days. Really, how many times can you stand to hear “Pour Some Sugar On Me”? Blindside throw down a gauntlet of rock like the best. You want songs about fast lives, parties and girls? Blindside has you covered for a good time all you have to add is you. Crunching chunking guitars with blistering leads, bass guitars laying down the low end and bringing the thunder and the pummeling drums will keep you at 100mph all night long. Vocally, this guy can sing, he doesn’t need to scream like the cookie monster on crack or croak like mutant frog on halloween he just belts it out from the heart. Blindside might be a party band but they are no slackers, track after track they deliver solid songs that rock. If you like rock/hard rock/heavy metal I recommend this album and no matter what “Storm” you maybe going through this album with put a smile on your face and get you rocking to clearer skies. Do yourself a favor grab a cold one, get this album and CRANK IT!

Rolls Royce Rah

“RealMatic (Freestyle)” - Freestyles are always like walking a tightrope. Anyone can make something sound good in the studio. RRR flows awesome on this track. The blend of music is classic, and I don’t mean old school. There is a true mix of fresh sounds here from yesteryear. The classic beat to the dancing piano that flows into oriental sounds and then over to harsh synth tones. I highly recommend  this if you like Rap/Hip Hop. Do you want to hear something new and different with a familiar vibe, then check out this song.


“Another World” - If you want to trip out and get away this might be the track for you. There is a real trip vibe on this track. With vintage Moog sounds you get that old school gangster vibe that flows really well with the psychedelic  vocal overdubs. You can’t help but feel that you are caught up in a dream or a sliding trip through the world in Bop’s mind. If you like psychedelic Rap/Hip Hop then give this track a spin. It will surely take you to “Another World”.

Twitter: Bxp_dagod

Diamond In A Rough

“Hold Up” - This track has a cool dreamy vibe with a hard core vocal throw down. With smooth chorus vocals this song hooks razor sharp. The beat has that laid back vibe that makes you want to spend some time with your girl. The smooth synth work lets this track slide out of your speakers. You’re going to want to party all night long listening to this. If you like Rap/Hip Hop then I highly recommend this track. Diamond knows how to cut a track and you better “Hold Up” and spin this or find out that your were the last one to hear this song.

G33Kz Ft. DRELL$

“Winnin’” - The opening piano in this piece lets you know that things are about to get real. Building the tension once the bass and beat kick in you know you are getting into something thick. No B.S. G33Kz is throwing out something real. This track just rocks with a hypnotic trance. You’re gonna want to listen to this over and over again, its that good. The song is layered well, no cheap one dimensional music here. The track has an old school vibe with a modern spin. The vocal delivery is spot on throwing out all the goods. If you are ready for a laid back track to cruise with then you gotta throw this on. You can bounce or slide with this pumping out of the speakers. If you like Rap/Hip Hop then you gotta check out this track.

Jim Day

“Fade Away” - Nothing writes a great song like heartbreak. Jim has the ability to write and record songs that are honest, to the point and hook like no other. “Fade Away” is another great song from this awesome artist. Passionate vocals are the anchor of this song. They soar and tell a story that so many could be familiar with. Layered guitars help underline the ranging emotions in this song. Lead guitar work is in a more standard rock genre with country trimmings from backing guitars. The bass guitar work on this track makes you want to grab your girl and sway. It holds a nice groove and helps make this track a wonderful ballad. The drum work is solid and provides the right accents that help the track wind and weave a wonderful story.  I would recommend this song for those that like Country, Rock or Pop music. Hopefully Jim Day won’t “Fade Away” anytime soon. With tracks like this I would make it your top priority to check Jim Day out right now.

K Sean Long

“Robin In The Sky” - With a hop in its step this track takes off with Sean’s aggressive vocals. The guitar playing is as vibrant and full of attack as well. This song is played honest and from the heart. Even though the track consists of just a couple acoustic guitars and a voice it sounds as full as a symphonic orchestra. As a tribute to the late Robin Williams it does well to capture the free spirit that the late comic/actor had. Drawing from lines of Williams scenes on the screen this track does a great job mixing true life with true art. I would highly recommend this song for those that like Folk, Country or Pop music. While Robin may have flown away from us, songs like this can keep you grounded remembering the good times. 


“Sands of Silence” - The chiming guitars in this song are quickly replaced by crunching guitars that sound like a 100’ tidal wave of crashing metal. This song just knocks you back in your seat, then off it, on to the floor where you hit your head and blackout in ecstasy. This slow tempo song struts along with awesome sonic textures. The layers of notes and elements ,classic of the Grenouer sound, are all here. The band always cranks out songs that are well produced. I highly recommend this band to anyone that likes hard rock, heavy metal or alt metal. The guys in Grenouer do an excellent job of writing and recording awesome material. The guitar tones are to die for, both guitar and bass are lock tight and form a brick wall of sound. The drums on this track are a bit more laid back but move this song in the right direction. While some drummers might take a song like this as an opportunity to show off, here the playing has just the right “spice” to make this track zing in your ears. The vocals are spot on and as soon as you hear them you know that you are listening to Grenouer. These guys just plain rock. This is the band that you want to tell all your friends about. So take a couple of minutes out of your day and run your hands through the “Sands of Silence” and drift away in this magnificent ballad.

Friday, October 3, 2014


“Jiminy Cricket” - Opening with a oscillating synth soon enters a beat that hooks you hard. B. Right throws his lyrics with extreme slick delivery. Slowing then speeding and dancing around the beat B. got this down good. I would highly recommend this track to those that like rap/hip hop/pop. This track has the goods and you don’t want to miss out.

Active Heed

Active Heed

“The War of Tempos”- If you really want to get going in the morning then you have to listen to this track. Dancing on my speakers this song throws me left then right. Once the vocals open you hear the words drip with emotion. The music is aggressive but progressive. If you like a mix of traditional rock music mixed with key textures then you will like this track. The song cuts and stops and hits various peaks and valleys and all elements keep this song interesting. The vocals are emotional but silky smooth. The key work is fluid and is never out place and really helps push the story. The drum work is very spicy and works well to counter and hook the song through its various passages. The guitar is played well and right in the pocket. While this song winds and weaves it's no doubt that Active Heed has won this “War of Tempos”

Fire by Night

“Give It Up” - Grinding guitars launch this track and you know that this is going to drop heavy. It does, the band just pile drives shifting the song and blends the drive with heavy pulses with an eb and flow that keeps you on your toes. The the drums and guitar are in lockstep with one another and Fire by Night have the hard rock/heavy metal vibe like seasoned veterans. The production is crisp with all elements fitting and heard in the mix well. At 2:35 the song trips out a bit and lets you glide back into your seat for a breather so that they can set you up for the grinding groove solo. Things spiral upward to the sky because I don’t think that this band knows how to let up. You really should “Give It Up” and blast this song on your speakers. Playing it softly is just wrong. 

Ace Da Animal Ft. 50 Tyson

“Steady Grindin“(Official Music Video) - This track has a solid hook. The vocal interplay is very impressive. The production is awesome. I would highly recommend this track to those who like Hip Hop/Rap that has beats in a style of EDM. You can tell these guys have spent some time working on their craft. They flow outside of the box and dance around the beat vocally and musically. If you like some la de da, Jonny come lately music stay away from this. This has some edge.