Sunday, June 28, 2020

Hannah Yohance - "Quarantine Love"

This is the type of song that you want to put on when you go out for a drive at midnight to go nowhere. Drop the top, let the air flow and just release. Heartbreak songs are great to cruise to, and I love the groove on this track. I just want to sit back and relax and not feel alone. Who hasn't had a crappy relationship go bad? 

The production on this track is up there and I think that this could be a hit if no where else on college radio. This song just slides out of my speakers, and sounds so very good. Why am I not hearing this on the radio? Hannah does an excellent job of creating a mood and delivering vocally as usual. 

One complaint, the auto-tune. It's done well but I think that Hannah is a good enough artist to have mixed it up a bit here. I would have liked to hear him double up the lyric time in the verses or maybe at least during a middle section of sorts, but this is an artistic call. Who am I to say? The track is good, you should listen to it, nuff said. Hannah delivers once again with a passionate and authentic track. Why are you not listening right now? I honestly don't know but it's artists like Hannah that help with the crap life doles out.

Written by Michael

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