Monday, December 2, 2019

Denis Sulta: In~Narito

I'll have to be honest there are some mornings where I just want every one to shut up so my brain can catch up and start my day. This track from Denis Sulta fits the bill nicely. It starts off innocent enough with a tight, kick drum that coaxes my heart to begin beating a bit more regular and awake rhythm. Once my senses have been primed a backbeat begins to arrive with swirling synths. As playful keyboard notes dance within my ears I find hope that the sun is out today to match the open leaping notes dancing in front of my face. As a descending sound effect is revealed I find that it's time for me to rise and see what this day may bring. I recommend this track to those that like Electronic music or EDM or people who just want to beak out of the mold and try something new, different and bold. This mini soundscape has much to offer and begs to be played multiple times. Stop, listen, be bold and  go. 


Michael Smith