Sunday, February 9, 2020

The Black Maniac: “All I Know”

Etherial tones open this tack from Ta Black Maniac. “All I Know” isn’t the cliche’ spin about money, women, drugs and cars. This lyrical journey is reflective in nature. The smooth synths in the background lays down a scene that is ideal for the dream like flashbacks that are revealed here. There is a great beat here that is anchored with a solid kick and snare interplay. While it’s not complex it allows for a great performance and accentuates the synths perfectly. Don’t be deceived by it’s simplicity. It’s very beautiful in the overall composition and the beat drops enough to keep you on your toes. 

Vocally the tones on display are great. They don’t see amateur or “over-acted”. The performance is real and in your face. You can tell that this is truth and real life lived. There isn’t really an apologies here. It’s a story about a man trying to live life the best he can but sometimes life gets in the way and you feel you gotta do what you gotta do. Production-wise this has been done very well. You can clearly hear the lyrics and understand them.  All the elements on display cut through the overall mix and have there own home, so that your ears have a banquet to feast on.

Okay, this is a rap, but I would recommend this to everyone.  I feel that this is great writing and a beautiful story is on display. It’s something that should be playing everywhere but isn’t. If you like rap and hip hop genres check it out but if you are someone who just likes a great story I don’t think you will regret spending 3:58 listening, but don’t be surprised if you find yourself putting this on repeat. I listened five times myself before I had to get up and go to work.

Check out the song: