Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Farewell Davidson, A Hot Song for a Cold Heart

“Coco” - On this cold winters day I feel a warmth come over me. My mind is transplanted to place dimly lit, humid and there is a buzz in the air. Listening to this track makes you feel like you have found then next great rock n’ roll band somewhere in some dive bar. Its funny where you find authenticity and I have definitely found it in Farewell Davidson. They are a true rock n’ roll band that makes you want to get off your seat and stomp your feet. Many in this day would try and call this alternative, and maybe that’s the case considering the soundscape of current popular music, but Farewell Davidson deliver a real rock vibe. Vocals swagger with heart and attitude and soar straight from the heart. Guitars grind, have the same edge of attitude and cut like a knife. Bass lines slink around in your mind and make you want to grab your girl and dance the night away. My heart pounds excited and as strong as the drum work on this track, and will sure to get women shaking their hips. I would highly recommend this track to anyone that likes Rock, Alternative Rock, Garage Rock or Pop Rock. If you are looking for something to heat you up then take a long drink of this “Coco” cause it is hot and ready. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Roses Unread, Fallen From the Sky You Will Soar to New Heights

“Fallen” - My eyes slowly open and the world around me is a blur. I am soaked in sweat and I feel absolute freedom. Have I just run a marathon across the desert? No, it is the image I take away after hearing Roses Unread’s new single. While Allison maybe singing about falling your heart will surely soar with this anthem-like song.  For those that choose to thrash, on hearing this song you will until you are soaked. Lead vocal work on this track is absolutely beautiful and countered by raging demonic screams in the background. Guitar work from John and Blake once again crunch in perfect unison and light the wings of fire that soar into the night. Keeping it all grounded is growling bass of Brant “The Beard” and the punching thunder of Grant’s drum kit. This isn’t some group of young punks clunking around in their garage. Roses Unread are seasoned, honed professionals unleashing a brand of Hard Rock/ Heavy Metal that will burn everything that tries to stand in its way. If you are a fan of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Alt Rock, Alt Metal or Rock you HAVE to check out this song. While many artists have “Fallen” over time Roses Unread seem to only soar to new heights.

Lucky Widmore, Howling at the Moon as It Shines With Success

Howling at the Moon - Most of the time “Supergroups” are bands that have select members from various famous bands that come together for a rare album or two, however Lucky Widmore seem to be a Supergroup that no one knows much about, for now. As the smooth guitar lines open the title track of this EP I had no idea for trip my ears were about to take. This band preforms like a well oiled machine ready to carry you off into musical euphoria. From the laid back groove of “Howling at the Moon”, the uptempo grind of “Alex” to funky Pop vibe “You and Me Tonight” Lucky Widmore delivers again and again. The production on this release is five star quality.  Craig sings with the beauty of an angel and the bravado of a seasoned talent. Guitar work from Craig and Farhan explore the full range of smooth and clean to grinding and edgy. Dan’s bass guitar work flows rather fluid and excels at accenting counter points in each song. With his low-end work your feet will want to keep moving till the last note is played. Nick’s attack behind the drum kit is absolute precision. He digs into each song applying the right amount of attack from epic peaks to cooling valleys allowing each song to have the room it needs to breath. A variety of influences can be heard at the foundation of Lucky Widmore but they are not controlled by any of them. They are a truly an original band of their own rite. I would highly recommend this to anyone that likes Pop, Rock, Alternative, Reggae or Funk. In the midst of hearing such great art you will find yourself Howling at the Moon and dancing all night long.

Beyond the Wall, My Head Hurts From Hitting the Ceiling

“Between Us”/“Over My Shoulder”/"Waste Your Time With Me” - Sometimes I just get bored. Sitting still for far too long leads to trouble. That’s the time when I like to put on music like that from Beyond the Wall and get into some real mischief. This is the type of band that makes you want to pogo until your head hits the ceiling or vomit from dizziness. With the textures that true Punk/Pop is made of these three gentleman come roaring out the gate with grinding guitars, rolling bass and drums hammering you into ecstasy. The band plays lock-tight with no room for slop. Vocals are performed with true heart pulled right off their sleeves and slap you right in your face. Sure some lame-ass might try to tell you these guys are a Green-Blink-Fall Out ripoff, but these guys stand on their own two feet. With the sound and dynamic the music they create would be at home on any arena stage or your parents garage, they are just that good. The songwriting is first rate and is executed like vintage pros. Beyond the Wall has a real crossover appeal, so whether you like Rock, Pop, Punk or Hard Rock I would check these guys out, crank it to 10 and have some fun. These guys maybe Beyond the Wall but never beyond delivering a cut with real punch. Punk Rock has just got some new contenders for that rusty beat up crown. Don’t be one of those losers that always miss out. Just go, RIGHT NOW!

Adrian Aida Wilkin, Showing True Depth of The Novelist

The Novelist - With the opening piano notes gliding through the air you can feel something bigger is coming. Adrian creates a thick soundscape on this mixtape that dispenses with the usual rap themes. He writes stories that unfold about real life, and do more than just brag about how much money he has or how many women he has slept with. This is more that the average Rap set but a concept album that takes you on a journey through a troubled man’s mind and his search to get back. Production on these songs are done very well. The beats sit right up front and have a tempo that lays back enough so that music can breathe. Lyrical delivery is well placed and on step. Adrian has a great foundation to build a career on. One of my personal favorites is the song “Forgiveness From the Grave”, the dynamics just slam and the music soars in comparison to the sorrow in Wilkin’s heart. The music on “Kate” is as full of passion as the love/hate relationship that it describes. You almost feel like you are dancing on the edge of a razor. It takes a true artist to speak from the heart and tell such chilling tales. I guess that’s why most Rap artists merely talk about fame, money and sex instead of rhyming from the heart. With continued hard work and passion nothing will keep Adrian from creating music that hangs with the greats of all time.  I would call this a double album myself and the songs contained within score a story of true passion, heartache and pain. If you are tired of the same old, “Im a this and that platinum” kind of rap then this is definitely for you. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Rap/Hip Hop/Pop with real content and awesome music. While most rappers anymore would have trouble filling the pages of a short story Adrian open his wings and soars as a true Novelist.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Richard Rands, Sets you “Free” With This Release

“Free” ft. Amanda Belle - With a hop in his step Richard Rands skips through this song with hope in his voice. You can almost feel yourself flying as well. Richard has a great talent for writing Acoustic/Pop songs that work into your heart because he does nothing but sing from his. You can feel the true honesty of this artist and he strums his guitar with real passion. Guitar playing is spot on and in the pocket and percussion on this track is done very tastefully. It helps the song stride and cut through the winds of doubt. An extra treat on this track is the backing vocals from Amanda Belle. She does well to add another layer to this song. Singing together you can almost feel the clouds parting on an overcast day. Overall the production on this song is top notch. You almost feel like you are in the room with Richard, and if you dare to look up you will see that the roof is missing for nothing will keep this artist down as he continues to grow. You can listen to the same old stuff on Pop radio anytime you want, but I highly suggest checking out this breakout track from Richard Rands for you will truly feel “Free”.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Asherrcole, A Valid Point That You Better Hear This Before You Lose It

“Valid Point” / “Losin It” - Sometimes you just want to listen to a song that has a thick beat and roll, if so, then these are the tracks for you. The production on this set is perfect. The word play on these tracks are rather interesting and you will find yourself bobbing your head wanting party all night. The auto-tune in “Valid Point” induces a playfulness as Asherrcole get serious on the playground. “Losing It” is more a straight ahead track that that just drops like a bomb. Snare hits fire like an automatic rifle spraying hate dropping all the fakers. If you think you are going to stand in the way then you’re going to get plowed with this bulldozer of a beats. Lots of fun, top notch, I recommend this set to anyone that likes Pop/Rap/Hip Hop. Its time to flow and roll.

Third World Empire, A Gutter Mouth Never Sang so Sweet

“Gutter Mouth” -  With a knocking bass guitar and pounding drums Third World Empire take to the skies looking to knock out the world. Hailing from Modesto, CA they deliver a solid dose of Alt-Rock that does that, ROCK. With crunching guitars laying down a solid hook 3WE have swung for the fences and delivered. You can almost feel freedom opening her wings and taking flight with the lines sung from Sam Aries on this track. With the grind of pure rock n roll you will find yourself bouncing and dancing all the way to the end of this track. Production is top quality and you will not be disappointed. I would highly recommend this song to those that like Rock/Alt-Rock/Pop Rock. Even if you have a “Gutter Mouth” nothing will keep you from wanting to sing this at the top of your lungs. 

Grenouer, A Golden Song for the Golden Years

“Golden Years” - With the thundering of drums Grenouer set to take you on yet another journey through their soul and mind. Nothing cuts worse than seeing a friend in pain, but often out of such pain beautiful music is made. With acoustic guitars ringing a mournful tone unrolls in my mind. Though played to perfection you can almost feel the pain and animosity with each string strummed. The trademark growling bass of Grenouer is subdued this go around however it still punches through with potency keeping the song solid as cinder blocks. Vocals from Ind are sung like a beautiful angel mourning the loss of virtue trying to make sense of all that is going on. Overall the production is like every other Grenouer song, 5 star and beautifully done. While lamenting for a time when artists are properly treated and respected for their talents Grenouer refuse to give up and instead make great music. I would recommend this track to anyone that likes Rock/Hard Rock/ Metal Ballads. The video accompanying this song underlines how many artists feel they are being treated like prostitutes for all their hard work and sacrifice. While the “Golden Years” may be over with artists such as Grenouer still producing great music perhaps a renaissance will arise.

Jeremy Bursich, Shining a Light for a Better Day

AMERICA - One of the great times in music was that of the late 60’s. The music was filled of hope while criticizing the social landscape of the time. Rare is it when revolution is exemplified with such beautiful poetry. Spinning the songs off of this record will remind you that music isn’t just about sex drugs and rock ’n roll but emotional passion for social change. Jeremy has constructed a sonic world hoping for a better day. With lush soundscapes that plea for pause and refection Jeremy’s AMERICA make you wonder where have you been and where are you going. The core of this project is a man’s lone voice and his acoustic guitar. So much can be said with so little and everything else is mere icing on the cake. No one will nominate Jeremy for singer of the year but he is a true and honest poet which is the true markings of an artist. He sings truly from the heart. Guitar work is just as earnest and executed in solid fashion. His chops are top notch. Percussion work is laid back and low in the mix but keep each song pulsing forward for you to ponder. The key/synth work is done very well to help the peak moments and ideas but do not take over the song in a flashy way. The production on this album is executed very well my personal favorite is “Live Free” a standout track that calls to question the echo’s of this world. If you are a fan of Folk/Indie/Political/Singer-Songwriters then I would highly recommend checking this out. AMERICA might be going to hell in a hand basket but perhaps with artists such as Jeremy we might save it all in time. 

Tom Joyce, From His Heart Through His Finger to Your Ears

Aberg Piano Works - I have heard many a person lamenting about the state of the music industry. At a time when all seems to be lost because people seem to not want to buy music but steal it. The music industry (record labels) seem to merely try and drain the blood out of starving artists in an effort to make a few more coins before all is dead and buried. One might wonder, “why make music?”, its because of the passion in artists such as Tom Joyce. One man armed with merely a piano and a passion creates music that warms the heart, soothes the damaged soul and invigorates those not wanting to give up. With Tom’s 10 tracks he carefully forges a shield and a sword to preserve through the night and all its demons. Like a hero on a quest this album will take you on a journey. With his slow pulsing phrases you feel the sorrow in a gloomy day that must be made a new. Notes crescendo and soar as he inspires and builds a mighty castle as to the magnificence that music can be. With artists such as Tom Joyce music will not die for the heart of a true artist will not let it. Compositions on Aberg Piano Works are filled with the love of a true artist and a traveled man. His touch and timing are impeccable. Its almost as if his heart is playing the piano itself. Its rare to hear music this delicate and powerful that sounds so honest. Tom’s music will never suit the backdrop of a beer commercial, the score of a cheap popcorn movie or be heard on the jukebox in some drunkard’s pub. His music is meant to soar pure and free and once entering you ear it will become a part of your heart. I highly recommend this album to those who love true music, especially those that have a soft spot in their hearts for piano instrumentals. Buy this album and listen. Wether in your home by the fire or reading a book, spending the day holding someone you love or traveling as you day unfolds before you you will feel your heart come alive. With these notes of passion in your ears you will see that life is not just to happen but to be experienced and savored. If you desire to soar make this your sound track and prepare to feel your soul fly. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Blaise Cordero, Hope for the Broken Hearts Club

“She’s My Girl” - Like the longing piano notes that begin this beautiful track so does the heart of Blaise work into yours. This is a track that could easily end up as “your song” for your relationship. As songwriting goes this track is solid. The drum work does great to hold the pace and underline the constant steady heartbeat of a great love. The guitar work is tasteful and lead notes wind through the wind as I imagine the air dances through the hair of a beautiful woman on a summer beach day. This song does an excellent job of painting the picture of true love. Acoustic strumming has the laid back lazy vibe of a cozy day in cuddling but holds the song up strong. Singing from Blaise is right in the pocket. You can feel the honesty as it pours straight from the heart. The middle symphonic breakdown helps take you to the tender core of his heart and then quickly rebuilds to soar like a dove. If you like Pop/Rock Ballads I would highly recommend this track. Mr. Cordero will definitely break some hearts with this song but also bring many more together. If you got a girl, this is your tune.

Dreamtongue, From Their Tongue to Your Ears

Walla Walla - As lo-fi guitars jangle out of my speakers I feel like I have been catapulted back to the mid-nighties and the hight of angst fueled Alternative rock. The energy from the guitar cuts like a knife and you can tell that this is the real deal. The vocals of Danny Grimaldi are spilt on the floor and are sure to stain the grain of time. They embody true passion from a gut wrenching heart. Drum work from Greer Jones add a lot of flavor to the band and does a good job of locking in with Justin Colvin’s six string slicing. It would be really interesting to hear this band get into a room with an engineer that had some chops under their belt. While the quality on this recording is very D. I. Y.  Dreamtongue has much to offer and merely need to hone their sound. I would recommend this band to anyone liking Emo/Screamo/Rock/Alt-rock/Garage Rock. These guys have tons to offer and are only going to get better from here. 

Six OH! 4 does it AGAIN!

Movember Beats Ep - Synth strings slide across the floor of my room guided by the clapping hands and thudding kick drum. As this Ep unfolds I feel like I am being led down a path that makes visions of a tripped out Alice in Wonderland pop up. Synth glitches give me a post modern taste in my mouth that makes me disintegrate into pixels and fall further down the rabbit hole. Six OH! 4 has an uncanny knack for creating intriguing beats with backing instruments that can take you out of your body and your mind on a journey. The Production on this set is top rate as usual, and while all the songs follow the same thread of Atari/EDM/Techno type instrumentals each embody their own character. A personal breakout fav for me personally is the build/destruct/build flow of “Hype”. While the creepy vocal samples in “Mr. Quiet” may make the hairs raise on the back of any conspiracy theorist’s neck, Six OH! 4 keeps the bounce, sidesteps and weaving up until the end of “Vyolet”. I would highly recommend this Ep to those liking quality experimental instrumental electronic music. This is a must experience.