Monday, December 2, 2019

Denis Sulta: In~Narito

I'll have to be honest there are some mornings where I just want every one to shut up so my brain can catch up and start my day. This track from Denis Sulta fits the bill nicely. It starts off innocent enough with a tight, kick drum that coaxes my heart to begin beating a bit more regular and awake rhythm. Once my senses have been primed a backbeat begins to arrive with swirling synths. As playful keyboard notes dance within my ears I find hope that the sun is out today to match the open leaping notes dancing in front of my face. As a descending sound effect is revealed I find that it's time for me to rise and see what this day may bring. I recommend this track to those that like Electronic music or EDM or people who just want to beak out of the mold and try something new, different and bold. This mini soundscape has much to offer and begs to be played multiple times. Stop, listen, be bold and  go. 


Michael Smith

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Oldschool: "It's Alright By Me"

This is the type of song that will saunter up into your weekend and catch you off guard. It has a laid back shuffle to it which makes you want grab a great cup of coffee or an ice-cold beer and light a cigarette, even if it is 9:30am. Sometimes you need a quick vacation in the mind and this song suits that purpose. As I close my eyes and I see a beautiful, tall brunette walking towards me licking her lips daring to get into some trouble with her. Before she can sit down and say a word I’m on my feet heading out with her to her convertible to take off in a cloud of dust with the top down and this song on the radio. She’s dangerous and sometimes life needs to be, and yet I open my eyes and I am alone.

As a song stands, its solid. The performance is a bit loose and dangerous, just what a track like this calls for. I’m sure you’ll hear perfectionists out there groaning about the slight shifts in time and what not but this is a human song, played by real men with real passion and heart. The guitars from Chris and Gavin drift through the track like a dream but with true intentionality. It sounds as though it was recorded by plugging straight into the board and jamming out. Upon reading I see that it was cut live in the studio. The guitar sounds beautiful and holds it place well, but I got to admit that I am a fan of a mic’d acoustic. It’s more raw, and this is a song that displays raw human emotion. The guitar solo is sweet and to the point and helps to add musical swagger. It could have told a bit more of the story but it definitely didn’t wear out it’s welcome. The bass guitar in the hands of Ian sits a bit back in the mix and holds down the low end, but it has a great way of peeking out in the right places. Low and round I can almost see a woman’s hips sway as she walks away. As for the percussion work from Keith it is held back as well. It occupies it’s pocket solid and with the crack of the snare you can feel those high heels snap on the floor. There are no stadium fills going on here and that’s to the songs benefit. Such playing would have made this track feel less authentic. Its hard to play well to a song yet not crossing the line of overplaying it. Keith has shown how to walk the line and get the job done. Vocally the performance is top notch. The lyrics and their performance shine with the emotion and passion. The only down side is that the mic’s used didn’t catch a crisp and clear hi-end. There is a real smooth “rolled off” tone for the vocals. They don’t sound bad, the mic’s just don’t catch the sharp side of the feel in this cut. 

This is the type of song that you want on your playlist to help slow things up and enjoy the day. Oldschool does well to keeping things simple and to the point so that you can enjoy the ride with whom ever you choose. I would recommend this track to those who like Classic Rock, Folk, Pop and Acoustic singer/songwriter styles. So go and take a trip with Oldschool, after all they say, “It’s all right by me…”

Written by Michael Smith

The band
Chris Cole guitar/lead vocals
Gavin Edwards - guitar and backing vocals
Ian Cattell - bass and backing vocals
Keith Newstead - drums

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Saturday, November 23, 2019

Peat & Diesel: "Country Boy"

There are few things that can put a smile on my face like the unexpected accordion. This is a great track. I love the balance in the production. Everything shines through and is well heard. Now I have to be honest I clicked on "Folk Music". I was expecting some mellow acoustic guitar with a mellow vocals from a baritone man a or woman that would help me ease into this day. So much was my surprise when "Country Boy" from Peat & Diesel came rolling into my ears. This is what I really needed. They accordion is great but the guitars come in with just the right amount of grind that lets you know that this "Country Boy" isn't afraid to get a little dirt under his fingers. The percussion work remind me of laid back punk but they suit the song really well. I didn't hear the bass that much, maybe there wasn't one, but this track holds well with the mix the way it is. Lyrically this song touched me. I'm a bit of bumpkin myself out here in the sticks so the story about this man made me smile laugh and I have to say that if I wasn't so lazy I would have got of my ass and done did some dancing. Do yourself favor, listen to this song. You need to, your ears will thank you. Your heart will thank you.

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Thursday, November 21, 2019

Destroyer: Have We Met

I really like the opening synth here. It makes me believe that anything is possible. As the vocals come in I am impressed. The tone opens my heart and the message is ready to be received. As the beat comes it it helps lay a sound foundation. Nothing fancy but it gets the job done and then, WHAM! The song blows wide open.

This is the type of song that I recommend for getting something done. So much in the world makes you want to go ,"BLAH I'm staying in bed", but this track helps you wake up and move on with your day. Aficionados may tell you that the voice it a bit pitchy or that they lyrical content is contrite but this (to me) is a one of those real songs from an authentic artist. Do yourself a favor, schedule yourself a mini vacation and crank this song. This isn't something that is made for low volumes. It is one that should blast from your speakers and out to the mountain tops.

So blow off the nay-sayers, be yourself and embrace a song that could quite possibly be your new theme song for life or just today. It will be what you make it.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Weyes Blood: Rough Trade Session

If you are looking for a song that can start your day without being too rude and loud this is the song you need. Sparing vocals it winds through your mind and will compliment that perfect cup of coffee. The textures for a "Rough Trade Session" are rather sublime. I am not one that wakes up and says, "Hey I really need more organ in my life", but this track takes the cake. I am especially impressed by the whittling. I can barely whistle the Andy Griffith Theme so the blows that weave through this track are pleasant, sweet and well placed.

Check this song if you need something mellow and energizing at the same time.

That's all I got to say about that.