Sunday, November 2, 2014

Social Strife

Social Strife is straight up a great rock band with punk attitude. I really don’t want to call this a punk band because nowadays when people hear “punk” they get the idea of watered down pop rock with guys covered in tats and piercings or music that is so rank that it makes your ears bleed to listen to it. SS has the attitude of a great punk band but crafts songs that swagger and breathe. Vocalist Sean Farro gets right in your face. He sings great and from the heart with attitude.  Terry Doucette’s guitar riffing is catchy and top notch. His guitar leads lend another dimension the songs exemplifying the tension and emotion in each song.  The whole thing is held together by Mike’s hitting of the drums. Slamming down on the skins he helps build the peak and valley moments in each song allowing each to explode when needed. Jcon lays down the low-end thunder on bass guitar. He is lockstep with Mike and with his tone keeps things rather snarly. If you like rock ’n roll with attitude then Social Strife is the band for you. Wether you want to lay back and chill to the vibe on “Alien and Freaks” or crank the rock at 11 with “Reign”. SS has an epic sound on rockers like “The River” and “Wish I Could Be” and solidly place themselves as condensers in the rock world. Artists that can bring the noise and the attitude of true rock ’n roll are in high demand and Social Strife prove with Friends Like These… that they are ready to step up and fill the void. Get this album and crank it!

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