Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Contacts, Taking You For a Ride

“No Way Out”/I Can See Through You” - With the  modulating swirling sounds The Contacts take off and roll over everything in their path. “No Way Out” sounds a bit like Pop Rock, however the overall mix and master of the track is very brash and lends itself to a Punk Rock esthetic. Drums pound with reckless abandon in your face propelling this song along. Bass guitar notes have a lifting feel which add a bit of a groove. Backing vocals have swinging feel and contribute to the otherworldly vibe here. Lead vocals have been recorded very hot. Adding to the overdriven nature of the recording this cut has a lot of attitude. I do think though that it would shine much brighter if everything wasn’t recorded at top volume. The opening chords to “I Can See Through You” have a chiming feel that sound as if they are using a heavy chorus or the guitar out of tune. That in combination with the vocal treatment makes you feel like you are stuck in a dream where anything goes. Drum work is nontraditional joining to the otherworldly esthetic. Bass guitar notes have a playfulness  to them that seem to bounce around this crazy room of characters. Backing vocals leave a picture in your mind that this is a group of guys hanging out just having fun. Keyboard work adds some interesting elements that make you feel like you are walking through a funhouse atmosphere. I would recommend this to those that like Avant-garde music. These tracks are definitely one of a kind and will take you on a ride. 

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