Sunday, November 9, 2014

Amy Gordon

Waiting on Go - I am not going to lie to you I am a rock guy. I love raging guitars and pounding drums. Hearing a vocalist singing nearly screaming at the top of their lungs gives me goosebumps. Amy Gordon is the exact opposite, that being said I was shook in my seat as her songs began to roll out of my speakers. At first listen I had her music on in the background to get an idea of what kind of artist she was. From the opening track “One Door Opens” I was pulled in. Her music has a hop in its step with optimism and hope for a better day. The album is really well produced with all the elements balanced and breathing like a true professional. With this collection of songs Amy shows that she is no singer-come-lately but a true talent. Amy’s vocals slide out of her soul and into my ear opening my heart. She has the talent to take personal stories and relate to her listeners on an intimate level. While her vocals float around the room the notes of her music dance and do an excellent job of painting a background for the story. If I had any complaints I would say that the percussion work is a bit too laid back but the attack fits her style well. Key and xylophone work are played well, and with the same great passion that is in Amy’s voice. While some moments on this disc are bouncing and playful others are quite smooth and peaceful in reflection. Each song takes you on a journey through her heart that isn’t boring and predictable but rather calm yet adventurous. This is the type of album you would want to put on first thing in the morning when you wanted to create a calm and inspiring mood. I would recommend this album to anyone who like Pop/Indie/Singer Songwriters. While Amy maybe Waiting on Go you shouldn’t wait a moment and pick up this uplifting album.

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