Sunday, May 17, 2015

Bucket Fresh Studios, Out From the Underground

Fuck Gotham City Chapter 1 - Concept albums are always tricky business especially in this day of single oriented sales. Bucket Fresh Studios deliver here with a Batman and Robin storyline. With a deep load of samples from the famous franchise and a stable of artists this album takes you off on a journey behind the mind of Batman and his foes. This release is Grade A underground Rap. From track to track you get a delivery of thick beats and variety of background textures that allows this mixtape to evolve while never getting stale. With a top talent producer in Mufasa RKG he reins in all the ideas like a Grand Master chess player. Breakout spins that stand strong are “Pawns” and “The Getaway”. I would recommend this album to those that like the underground vibe in music. While the sample rate on much of the tracks lends to mild sonic distortions the tracks, they hold up strong, and this is one of those keepsakes that you can pull out months later and prove your cred in music by showing that you were into Bucket Fresh Studios before the whole world knew about them. 

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